TV Show: Who Run the World? GIRLS 💃

by Isabel Bang

Street Woman Fighter | 스트리트 우먼 파이터 (2021) 

Keen for some girl street dance battles? Korea is a country known for its production skills for gorgeous K-Pop stars with their songs, and choreographies. But who’s behind all that glam? Hundreds of songwriters, choreographers, and dancers. Eight equally talented and majestic all-girl dance crews are starred in Street Woman Fighter (SWF) to show 'em who's best. Every single team is so unique, charismatic, and skilled, that you’ll find yourself rooting for all crews as you watch.


The show host is Kang Daniel, a K-Pop singer that is known for his passion and love for dancing. The three judges include the ultimate K-Pop Queen BoA, NCT’s Tae-Yong, and one of SM Entertainment’s main performance directors, Hwang Sang-Hoon. Honestly, I think it would’ve been better if they had at least one professional dancer with the judges - as Korea has just so many monster-talented dancers. Yet, I’m guessing that having judges that are less involved prevented any biased judgements towards certain crews.

The eight crews include Hook, Prowdmon, Coca N Butter, WANT, WayB, Lachica, Holy Bang, and YGX. All crews and all leaders are already famous in the dancer scene, but the public may not be all familiar with them. The same goes for me, as I was introduced to most of these dancers by the show. However, some of them were especially eye-catching and noticed by the viewers. Aiki, from Hook is a famous dancer who starred in World of Dance Season 3 (NBC) as the duo “All Ready,” and was praised by Jennifer Laurence herself - she’s also a popular Tiktoker! You guys would know Noze from WayB if you’re a K-Pop fan because she’s VERY well known as the beautiful backup dancer for EXO Kai. In Kai’s single ‘Mmmh’ she caught the eye of the audience, and was called the "Idol-worthy dancer" - there’s even a Noze-focus Mmmh video on Youtube 😂 And of course, there’s also our baby cinnamon roll Chaeyeon in WANT, who’s also is in the girl group IZ*ONE. You have no idea how much this pumpkin pie had made me cry watching this show 🥺


Another wow point for those who know their dancers was the battle between Holy Bang’s Honey J (Jay Park’s choreographer) and Coca N Butter’s Ri Hey. The “girls hip-hop” master Honey J and her once-a-student Ri Hey were in the same crew and was active as a duo for seven years. After splitting apart, this show was where they met again for the first time. The battle between the two got me amazed and both tearing up - I’m not gonna lie, I needed my tissue box while watching this scene again for this article 😭 

The show starts off with one-on-one battles like the video above, then from the second mission, the crews film dance videos to get judged for higher scores. The biggest trend that started with this show was the Hey Mama challenge on Tiktok cause the moves there was so cool and catchy 💘 This choreography was picked from the “Class Mission - Leader Class” where each leader of the crews came together and each made their own choreos that they'll perform together. If you don’t want any spoilers, watch SWF episodes 2 and 3 before clicking on any of the links above!


From episode 4, crews upload their dance videos on the official Mnet TV channel on Youtube and viewers get to be part of the judges! Until a set deadline, the view counts and the like counts are the viewer’s vote for the best crew. This got the fans all over the world making their families & friends hit like for their favourite crew’s video 👍 Sad news though, not all Mnet TV videos are made available to watch in New Zealand for some reason. So, Kiwis won’t be as involved in the voting process as we wish to be 🥺 I’ll just have my fingers crossed and hope the others vote for my best crew, aka. all eight of them.

The best thing about these girl dance crews is that although the show’s edits make the crews seem like they hate everyone, they really don’t. The full amount of respect they have for one another is real, and most of them were already good friends even before the show. These girls can seem nasty and fierce, but you see them crying for and encouraging each other which gets me in the heart every time. Especially Coca N Butter, they always talk like a badass but they are the biggest softies in the show - fans now call them "Soft Tofu N Butter" instead 😂


This show definitely shouts “women empowerment” out loud, showing us how many talented women are out there. As someone who dances like a piece of wooden log, it’s satisfying and amusing to see the well-choreographed moves in sync, and each crew's devotion to dance. The reason I first started watching this show was because of my bae, Aiki (cause who here hasn’t watched her ‘Bad Girl series’ videos yet?), but now I’ll be so shook if they don't continue making videos of every one of these dancers - special shoutout to my new babes Prowdmon Monika, Lip J, Lachica Peanut, Holy Bang Honey J and Jane ❤️‍🔥 The show is only out till the fifth episode, but each is almost 2hours long which can take up some of your time. So start binge-watching during your stay-at-home times! I swear you won’t regret discovering the SWF girls.

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