WEBTOON: What’s a High School Life Without Drama?

by Isabel Bang

Odd Girl Out | Drama | Morangg

On a lazy Saturday, lying around in bed, if I can’t think of anything exciting to do I open my WEBTOON app and search for a good read to kill time. WEBTOON, web + cartoon, are cartoon series that are uploaded on a weekly basis with each episode. Korea’s largest WEBTOON platform, Naver, also has an English version website/app for the top Korean cartoon series to be translated, and to call for foreign creators to share their work as well. The WEBTOON recommendation that I have today is a series that has been loved for the last 6 years and counting! Remember how I talked about Cheese in the Trap in TMI Vol. 009, saying it’s a Korean uni life in a nutshell? This one’s Korea's high school life in a nutshell 🎒

Naver WEBTOON | Odd Girl Out

Up to 268 episodes in the Global WEBTOON app, Odd Girl Out is one of the longer series that has constantly been on the high ranking. Its genre is ‘drama,’ and rather than dealing with high school love stories, Odd Girl Out focuses on the friendship of four girls. The first episode starts with our cute protagonist Oh Nari entering the doors of C.H High School. Nari is excited for the first day of school, as she’s been dreaming of this day as a NEW her. At that age when puberty hits, everyone’s interested in other boys and girls and Nari was one of them. She spent the long winter break losing her baby fat to be in the best shape, in hopes that she’ll be noticed by everyone. 

Crashing down Nari’s confidence castle, Lim Yuna catches Nari at the school entrance. This beautiful Miss Perfect was Nari’s old primary school friend who she has been unheard of for the last three years. It doesn’t stop there, as Nari also accidentally makes friends with the prettiest girl in her class, Lim Seonji. Then to finish off, another gorgeous girl, Seo Mirae, tags along with Yuna to join the group. All of a sudden, Nari is surrounded by the three most famous girls in the school and is grabbing all the unwanted attention. Can’t help to feel like the odd one out, Nari tries to subtly part away from the three. 

Naver WEBTOON | Odd Girl Out

This seemingly very light WEBTOON actually discusses a lot of realistic high school drama and conflict. From self-consciousness, rumours, misunderstandings, and the dark backstories of those who were perceived to be living the ideal life. Nari stands in the middle of the group and helps her friends to overcome their faults, sadness, and eventually fights off her own flaws as well. Seeing the foursome maturing with each other and passing through the typical yet atypical high school girls’ obstacles, gets the readers rooting for them as each episode unfolds.

Season one of the series was all about friendship, and apparently, season two moves the centre of attention slightly more towards romance. However, good news cause we’ll still have our four girls in the series! I haven’t started the second season yet, but am definitely excited to start the binge read very soon 🤓

Naver WEBTOON | Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out made me feel like I’ve gone back to high school, when my friends were my everything and when I used to think all drama was happening to me 😂 At the same time, it kinda made me curious about what Korean high school would be like! If you’re another Korean high school dreamer yourself, try having a read of Odd Girl Out on your lazy weekend! Download the app through the links below if you still don’t have it on your phone 📱


Google Play Store WEBTOON (ENG) | Naver Webtoon (KOR) 

App Store WEBTOON (ENG) | Naver Webtoon (KOR)

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