YOUTUBE: A Refreshingly Unapologetic Talk Show, Jessi’s Show!terview

by Rebecca Kim

Emma Stone Features on Jessi’s Talk Show as the First Hollywood Star 

“Who are you to judge me? We’re not a team. This is a competition.” Who remembers rapper and singer, Jessi, saying this iconic line on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar? She left a very strong impression when a lot of us saw her for the first time on this program. However, just watching a few short clips of some of her interviews will make you realise that she’s also a big teddy bear with a warm heart 🧸 Jessi has truly come a long way in her career and her YouTube talk show, Jessi’s Show!terview, seems to be something that she genuinely enjoys doing. Her guests so far have included some top stars like Sunmi, Yoo Jae Seok, Hyuna, SNSD’s Tiffany, Chungha and Red Velvet’s Joy.

Instagram | @jessishow_official

The charm of Jessi’s Show!terview is that her hilariously bold and witty personality shines through in all the episodes. In typical Korean talk shows, usually the host is calm and polite towards their guests, but in Jessi’s Show!terview, things can get chaotic with multiple overlapped audios from both Jessi and the guests! Since she grew up in America, a lot of her jokes with guests revolve around her misunderstanding certain things, or her assistant interviewer, Jo Jung Shik, having to restrain her from doing or saying something too inappropriate for Korean viewers 😂  Although she doesn’t fit the mould of a typical talk show host or how women are “expected” to behave, her actions are excused by the general Korean public because she was raised in a different culture. One of the main things she always states proudly is that her show is a place where people can get REAL. She has this ability to bring out certain sides of guests that seem more natural and true to themselves, and her comment section is usually filled with people noticing how relaxed the guest looks. I hope that her personality and actions will not only show the guests that it’s okay to be more expressive, but will also encourage the viewers, too. A large portion of her viewers seem to be from foreign countries, but seeing as how it won a Rookie Award at the 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards last year, we can also see that the show is very popular amongst Korean viewers too 👏

We’ve seen a few celebrities hosting their own variety shows within their companies using YouTube as the main platform now, including IU’s “Palette” and LOONA Chuu’s “Chuu, Protect the Earth”. It feels like the slightly smaller platform makes a big difference to how relaxed and less pressured the celebrities feel, and there’s usually a bit more freedom on the topics they want to address.

YouTube | SBS Mobidic 

Last week, Jessi’s Show!terview was especially a hot topic because it was teased the week before that Emma Stone would be appearing on the show as the first foreign guest to promote her new Disney movie, Cruella. The interview was done through an online video call (which I’m sure we’re all used to seeing by now) and was in full English. Emma talked about working on Cruella and expressed her love for BTS. At the end of the interview, however, Jessi finally expressed her frustration that she wasn’t able to ask the deep questions that she usually asks her guests by saying, “I’m trying to hit you with some hard (questions), but they’re trying to make me go real formal with this”. The producers jokingly apologised in the subtitles, saying that it was because this was their first global star interview 🥺

It feels like Jessi’s Show!terview is only getting more and more popular with every episode, and it’s about to get bigger! It was just teased on their official Instagram page story that Twice will be making a possible appearance 😲 It’s the first time that a full girl group is guesting, so many fans are curious to see how the dynamic will play out If you’re also interested, make sure to stay tuned for the episode to find out for yourself! 

Instagram | @jessishow_official

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