YOUTUBE: Lockdown Cannot Stop Us From Working Out!

by Isabel Bang

Do you remember in the earlier TMI newsletters, I told you about my Youtube personal trainers Thank You BUBU? The first time I found out about these at-home-training Youtube channels was when New Zealand had our first-ever lockdown in March 2020. Since I had more time to stay at home and invest in myself, I began my journey to this new concept of “home workout sessions”. These Youtuber trainers are perfect for anyone outside of lockdown as well, especially if you’re a bit shy to go to the gym - that’s me 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

Naver Blog | Jiny Kliogram

The Thank You BUBU channel is excellent for everyone who’s only starting with their exercises. They have everything from basic stretches and to hardcore full-body workouts - so if you’re a beginner, try them first and return to this article. The channel I’m introducing you to today is Jiny Diet, run by Lee Ji-Eun. Just in the first year of opening her channel, Ji-Eun gained 228k subscribers, with a variety of workout videos, weight loss tips, and videos about having a healthy mindset about one’s body.

Previously, the majority of her viewers watched her videos with the aim of just weight loss only rather than a fit body. As society calls being “skinny” being “beautiful,” we can’t help but admit that there are many people out there searching for a way to lose weight using extreme methods. The great thing about Ji-Eun is that rather than pursuing extreme diets for the so-called “perfect body,” she talks about something more important. She tells her viewers about self-satisfaction and the importance of having a healthy body for a healthy mind. In one video, Ji-Eun throws the question about “what does our body want,” and “what should I do to make my body feel comfortable.” Throughout her channel she puts forward the idea of making a body fit for self-satisfaction and self-love rather than for the satisfaction of others’ eyes.

Class 101 | Lee Ji-Eun Diet

Ever since the home-trainings became a habit of mine, I browse through Youtube now and again for some easy-to-follow stretches and exercises. But this time, I wanted to really spend some of my stay-at-home hours getting back in shape! Hence, I searched for more intensive workouts to build my summer bod, and came across Ji-Eun and her 7-day challenges. Ji-Eun’s workout challenges usually consist of five to ten minute workouts that she makes you do for a week straight. Five to ten minutes doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s what I thought when I began these challenges a few days ago 🤦🏻‍♀️ Here’s my daily workout routine from Jiny Diet, that has my whole stomach aching HARD:

It’s been about five days since I started on these, and man, she’s not lying when she says you need only seven days! Both my mum and I are seeing some improvements around my waist area, and my love handles are starting to say their goodbyes - of course, I've been on my treadmills and cutting on instant noodles as well. After the seven day challenge, I still think I’ll be doing these now and again with more workouts of Ji-Eun’s added to the routine. Now it's your turn! Get up from your beds and let’s show em that we don’t need gyms to get our exercise-habits going 💪

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