YouTube: Bless Your Feed with Korean Male YouTubers

by Larissa Tsui

If you’re looking to find some new YouTubers to binge-watch, then read on. This time though, it’s just male YouTubers! Beauty and fashion-based male YouTubers may be hard to find so I’m here to give you a kick-start on who to watch! Here, I’m sharing some of my favourite male YouTubers, and some newly found channels that I will for sure be binging on for a while. These channels range from lifestyle, fashion to beauty and all the way to cooking so there’s a channel for everyone. Now you don’t have to suffer through the boredom where you’re refreshing the home page every second looking for something new to watch!



SEOULITE is a channel I’ve been watching for years now. Behind SEOULITE is Zeze and Jun who shares with us everything, from beauty, and fashion, to lifestyle vlogs. Zeze has a bubbly personality whereas Jun’s is cool and chic. Put them together and it’s like watching a funny squabbling old married couple. I remember years ago, one of their videos popped up on my Youtube home and my eyes were drawn to this crazy but impressive majestic creature transformation makeup. It was so mesmerising I couldn’t just scroll past it. What began as just wanting to watch one makeup tutorial ended up being a binge-watch of their other videos. It was such a nice change to the usual makeup channels I’ve been watching at the time, particularly with male makeup YouTubers as they weren’t that common. If you like mind-blowing and beautiful special effects makeup, then you need to check out their makeup videos. Although now, their recent videos aren’t quite as makeup-focused anymore it is still plenty of fun to watch Zeze and Jun’s contrasting personalities. 

Veiled 베일드


K-Pop fans may find this face familiar, Seung Ju, who is also known as Veiled on YouTube. He started off by posting fashion tips, vlogs, and Q&A’s. But soon rose to fame and even became a stylist for SF9’s Rowoon and boy group P1Harmony. The videos to really look out for are his aesthetic lookbooks and fashion tips 👕🧳 With his great sense of fashion and great looks, it’s like watching an idol's vlog instead. He even has his own brand specialising in fashion jewellery, East Ice that can be seen on stars like aespa. A must visit channel if you’re looking for men’s fashion inspo!

피식대학 Psick Univ


You might’ve seen some of Psick Univ’s comedy-based videos pop up on your Tiktok page. Their cover of BTS’ Butter and Justin Bieber’s Peaches went viral when it came out so much so that it impressed BTS’ RM where he even went on their channel too! But other than comedy-based videos, this channel has a series called The Psick Show where they have industry stars come on and talk about pretty much anything, and nope, not all their guests are Korean. The show seems more like a catch-up than anything else but the hosts give viewers an insight into the artists. This could be about their personal lives to their most recent works. Being hosted by three comedians, there’s no doubt that all their conversations bring out laughter in a very comfortable setting, just like friends catching up. All the Psick Show videos have English subtitles so you won’t miss out on the banter plus the hosts speak in English as much as possible so it’s like a global interview. 

Cooking Hobbyist Guy, Yonam 


Cooking Hobbyist Guy’s Yonam, like the name itself, uploads himself cooking for his friends and family. Even though it is just a hobby, he makes everything look so beautiful and absolutely top-notch 👌  All the dishes he creates are with extravagant ingredients like what you would find in a fancy restaurant. The videos are shot so aesthetically that even just watching his videos makes my mouth water. I instantly get a big craving to dine out for yummy dishes whenever I see the feast he cooks up. Yonam doesn’t show his face but you can often hear his sweet interactions and conversations with his wife which melts your heart. Watching this man cook all these amazing and delicious dishes will be sure to bring your standards up 🥲 It will totally make you want to brush up on your cooking skills! 

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