YOUTUBE: Come Unwind With Korean Lifestyle YouTubers

by Rebecca Kim

When being a homebody becomes an aesthetic experience 😌

When life feels busy and pressured, it is super necessary to find the time to relax and wind down. Vlog content is now a huge part of YouTube, but there has especially been a wave of what can only be categorised as “healing vlogs”. These are usually simple lifestyle vlogs that show the vlogger’s day-to-day in a calming way, with an emphasis on food, hobbies and home life. Of course, K-YouTubers are DELIVERING on this 👏 When watching these relaxing lifestyle vloggers, you’re able to get immersed into their world for a little while. Their slow pace and pretty aesthetics pull you in and give a sense of peace. Even though there might not be much talking or action, the soft visuals alone are enough to keep your eyes and mind interested, making even the mundane activities worth watching.

Youtube | HYONYEO

Since they invite us into their homes through their videos, they’re also helping me develop a good eye for interior decoration (Or so I’d like to think😁). How they manage to decorate their places so nicely, I’m still learning! I guess they are called influencers for a reason, though - I was looking around my room one day, and realised that it was starting to show some BIG similarities to my favourite vlogger’s rooms 😅 It’s amazing how some nice furniture and posters can completely change up a space!

These days, there are a growing number of people in Korea who prefer to live alone. Amongst many reasons, one of them is for the fact that rent can be quite inexpensive in Korea for a pretty decent space! Food delivery service is also really great and accessible in Korea (it honestly feels like you can get pretty much anything delivered anywhere!), which also makes it easier for people living alone. While it’s super convenient, though, you can only keep ordering delivery for so long 😢 This has led to people looking for alternatives on how to make meals that are nutritious and easy, but most importantly, taste good!

A lot of these “healing vlogs” share mukbang-style cooking recipes that fit perfectly in this criteria, so if you’re someone in the same boat, I hope that you’ll get some tips and ideas from these videos too 🍽️

Check out some favourites below:

1. ONDO 온도

Youtube | ONDO

With 1.13 million subscribers, Ondo is a YouTuber that is probably one of the most notable and popular amongst these types of lifestyle vloggers. It goes without saying how aesthetically pleasing her videos are! She lives with her cute cat and has the kind of lifestyle that has become my personal goal in life. Although she doesn’t really show her face in her videos, she has mentioned that some subscribers still recognise her on the street from the little glimpses that they’ve seen - if that’s not power, I don’t know what is 🤷‍♀️

2. TWEETY 트위티

Youtube | TWEETY

Tweety was already doing quite well when she first started her YouTube channel by herself, filming fashion and beauty related-content. She still occasionally makes these videos, but her “date vlogs” with her husband have attracted a lot of attention to her channel. They have now become the main type of videos that she uploads, taking her to 626K subscribers, and growing! It’s not hard to see why at all - their interactions are SUPER sweet and will make you hope for a relationship like theirs 🥺



Another YouTuber is Haegreendal, who’ will instantly make you feel like you have stepped into a movie. The cinematography is just *chef’s kiss* and so well-filmed that you won’t believe that you are watching a YouTube video! She makes meals for her family, and shares her recipes for them to her 2.1 million subscribers. She also has encouraging and positive words to accompany her videos, which always leave you in a good mood after watching.


In these vlogs, you’re able to get a little bit of everything - meal ideas and recipes, Korean streets and activities, OOTDs, interior decorating, product recommendations and often a bit of ASMR, too 😌These videos help to realise that there’s lots of things to enjoy in the day to day life, and helps to realise that you can find happiness in the smallest things. If you’re looking for something to help you take a short break, I definitely recommend checking them out and seeing for yourself why they are receiving so much love 💜

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