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Hello Bubble Hair Colour [#6A Dusty Ash]

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You can easily dye your hair with its multiple bubbles without any stains.

Secret magic essence protects your hair while being dyed and the multile bubbles quickly dye your hair only in 20 minutes. According to the condition and the colour of individual’s hair can be represented by different colours.

How to use

Inside the box contains 2 silver packets, a bottle, a nozzle, gloves, an orange conditioner packet, and a plastic cape.

You will need to pour the 2 silver packets inside to the bottle and then replace the lid with the nozzle.

Do not shake it too vigorously but gently move it side to side about 5-8 times

(Tip: avoid creating the foam inside the bottle)

Put the gloves on and your cape to protect you and now you’re ready to dye your hair!

Leave it for 20-30mins depending on your hair condition 

The dying process is simple you just use it like you’re using your shampoo but on dry hair :) 


*This colour may appear green or blue when dyed on bleached, or very light hair, and it may be difficult to achieve the intended colour.

Pouch 30ml, Bottle 60g, Secrete Magic Ampoule 5ml, Treatment, Gloves & Gown

PLEASE NOTE: Ingredients are subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to date list of ingredients, please refer to the product packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 25-34

Very easy steps & application and the color is just so perfect on me

Skin Type: Normal
Age: 44-55

Hello Bubble Hair Colour [#6A Dusty Ash]

Can't get enough

Have recommended this product to others.

Short-lasting, Bad colour

I put it on only my ends that were bleached previously since I wanted to cover up the brassiness and yellowy colour. It came out BLUE/GREEN especially at the tips and sort of muted ashy blue-grey-green for the rest of it.
Thankfully it didn't last very long. The colour has faded dramatically after a few washes over the span of one week.
The good thing is that my hair still felt healthy and strong after dying it. But I would not pick this product up again

Pretty great

The box of dye contains the dye, bottle to pump, hair care conditioner and a plastic “coat”. The dye is pretty light, but works well with my original brown hair, it gives a light grey tone. Also my hair is still quite Smooth after, probably because of the hair care! Love it so far.

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