K-Beauty Hops on the Lip Oil Trend 👄✨

K-Beauty Hops on the Lip Oil Trend 👄✨

by Vivienne Tam



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With the notorious Dior Glow, and the more recent Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil, the hype with lip oil has been real these past couple years! They deliver the shiny finish of a gloss, but a mini hydration treatment for your day to day - it’s no wonder they’re such a favourite… even in the K-Beauty world!

TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil (stocking now @ HIKOCO)

Coming in four colours - Rose, Mint, Honey and Lavender, each one offers different ingredient infusions. My favourite, #Rose is infused with Marigold and Damask Rose for additional soothing 🌹 Use overnight and you've got yourself an extra thorough lip treatment!

Find your 'My Glow Lip Oil':

🌹 Rose - healthy glow tint

🩵 Mint - cool + refreshing

🍯 Honey - deep moisture

🪻 Lavender - nourish + soothe

Tiktok | @innisskin

NOONI Appleberry Lip Oil

Light on the lips BUT moisturising! This lip oil comes in four colours, each with a different oil base, and slightly different tint depending on your lip goal. Choose from revitalisation, hydration, smoothing or soothing! All colours come with Shea Butter to soften and hydrate the lips on application.


Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry Lip Oil

Made with Pomegranate and Jojoba Seed Oils for nourishment. With a soft pink finish, this oil is also packed with vitamin E and Plant Collagen to firm the lips. If lip lines are a huge concern, this Berry Lip Oil is perfect for you 💋

Dr. Ceuracle

LAKA Soothing Vegan Lip Oil

Another trending K-Beauty brand, LAKA has released two versions of their own lip oil. For daily use, the Calming Purple version hydrates with jojoba seed oil. But if your lips need extra attention, the Nourishing Yellow version has a sunflower seed oil base infused with hyaluronic acid for deep nourishment that'll heal lips overnight.


A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Oil

Made of Honey and Milk Proteins, this lip oil locks in moisture to keep your lips looking supple and plump. This one's on the thicker-formula side so it adheres for longer - apply more for extra hydrating treatment 💦 Comes in peach, mint and original.


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