K-Pop Encore Moments, Girl Group Edition 💁‍♀️

K-Pop Encore Moments, Girl Group Edition 💁‍♀️

by Michelle Li



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Encore stages are the Iconic endings to Korea’s live music shows. Each music show hosts 10+ k-pop groups to perform and at the end, the audience gets to vote 🗳️ The winner? A special ‘encore stage’ to showcase their live vocals and stage presence! These are the top k-pop groups, girls edition that went viral…

Music Bank X Studio K
ILLIT 'Magnetic' 🧲

Created from reality survival series, R U NEXT? , ILLIT debuted early this year (February 13th). This 5-member girl group blew up fast with their debut single ‘Magnetic’. The chorus was stuck in my head as I was trying to figure out their iconic finger choreography… but so was their encore stage! Their first win on MBC’s Show! Music Core also went viral showing off their cuteness as they performed with live vocals and choreography points 🧲

New Jeans 'How Sweet'

NewJeans never miss with their releases, producing catchy hits after hits! This is proven again with their newest single, How Sweet , promoted with their B-side Bubble Gum . In true NewJeans fashion, we got music videos for both singles AND many winning encore stages. Unfortunately, Hyein couldn’t participate in the promotions however, that didn’t mean she couldn’t be a part of it. NewJeans showed her off with a life-size cutout!

Le Sserafim 'Easy'

Le Sserrafim are one of the 4th Gen. it-girls, with the 5 members each having an unique quality. Their debut was flawless, and they've had some key moments since. Netizens (me included!) went wild with Le Sserrafim’s Coachella stage, and their ‘Easy’ encore stage was not any different. Single ‘Easy’ became their first R&B style, and they sure "made difficult things look easy"! 

Aespa 'Supernova'

Excitement takes over whenever Aespa wins as you get to see their live singing abilities, without the backing track to interfere. Luckily for us, we got many encore stages to watch over and over again with a song as amazing as Supernova! It’s fresh and different - unmatched to any K-pop releases at the moment, and only one that Aespa can outperform!

Nayeon 'ABCD'

Nayeon ’s comeback with title track, ABCD was only released one week ago but has already won No.1! Just as she promised, she took first place with a challenge, singing AND dancing as she ate ice 🧊 Being the 3rd generation k-pop idol she is, she’s bringing ‘encore stage challenges’ back. From pushups to gathering fans to sing and now Nayeon’s ice challenge, it shows how fun encore stages can be while still proving you have the k-pop idol talent 😍

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