#hairinspo | BRAIDS & BUNS

#hairinspo | BRAIDS & BUNS

by Michelle Li



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For proof that hairstyles makes a huge difference, turn to K-pop idols. The sleek, straight hair was the trend (thanks to NewJeans!) but the glitz and glam is back. Shall we take a look?

a classic: Hair Bun

If you ask me, hair buns can do no wrong! They instantly give off a chic vibe to any outfit. But why not step it up with some class? Spotted on Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Blackpink’s Jennie recently, is the knotted bun adding elegance to their already beautiful outfit. But of course, you can also change up this classic - two buns for a bubbly youthful-vibe 🫧

Boho Braids

Braids are back but somehow these K-pop idols are doing it better! Whether it's fishtail, french or simply a three-braid, it all can be outdone with accessories. Even playing up the thickness of the braid can totally change up the aesthetic. For more dainty vibes, refer to fromis_9’s Saerom look - hair down, but the side-braids give an *umph*. Eunbi shows off her edgy side with boxer-like braids; yes, even braid thickness can do a whole lot ✨

2000s Pigtails

The 2000s are not leaving us anytime soon, even when it comes to hairstyling. Pigtails have become a popular choice for k-pop idols, especially our mak-naes (막내), the younger members of the group. If you thought, they only bring out youthfulness, let's re-think... Pigtails can totally play into an edgy outfit too, with blunt bangs and bleached hair to match the aesthetic. 

...or Mix & Match?

If you really want to go all out, how about a combo? Braided bun, braided pigtails, or even braids & bun look? One trend, multiple looks 💁‍♀️

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