HI-REVIEW: Peripera Cushion Pang Tint

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Peripera Cushion Pang Tint 

The key word for 2015-2016 is "CUSHION". Every cosmetics are newly released in cushion function. Peripera also released their most representative item; lip tint with cushion applicator. 

* Package

It is similar to Peri's ink tint package. It is super cute and easy to see the colour from the outside of package. 

* Colour

Peripera Cushion Pang Tint comes with 6 different colours. Overall, colours are good for daily makeup. 

Colour testing in thick layer
colour testing in thin layer 
#1. Celeb Coral : More like fresh orange colour
#2. Trendista Pink : More like coral peach colour
#3. A-some Orange : Signature colour, It is lovely tropical colour
#4. Swaggy Red : Vivid red
#5. MLBB Rose : Trendy rose colour for FW
#0. My Mine Peach: Very pale peach colour. You can use it as a base that creates dramatic effect
*(Left) Applied #0 as base then applied #2 on the top  with gradation effect
*(Right) Applied #0 as base then applied #4 on the top with gradation effect

* Applicator

Peripera Cushion Pang Tint has a special applicator which is cushion as a tip 

Give a 1-2 clicks, liquid will be absorbed the sponge tip.
The soft cushion applicator allows you to pat 1-2 clicks of the pigment rich formula for a soft matte finish or go all out full colour and lustr with an additional 2-3 clicks. 
The special applicator is easy to handle with few practice and creates gradient lip without using my finger tips. 

* Special Tips 

You can use this cushion pang tint as lip tint 

Use it as a cream blusher 

* Overall 

To me, it is handy and easy to use. Especially when I create the gradient lips, I don't need to use my finger tips to smudge which is the best part of this tint. 

Colour stains for long time like Peri's Ink (my favourite tint ever) but at the end, most of colour stays like pinkish red (except #0). Unless colour stays for whole day, I am happy to use it ^^ 


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  • Naomi

    What color is that at the end? The one you used as a blusher? Coral or Orange? Thanks! ???

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