HI-REVIEW: It's Skin Prestige Creme D'escargot

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Review* [It's Skin] Prestige Creme D'escargot 

"Snail's Time Goes Backward"

Cosmetics leading brand It's Skin challenges to be the first again. They manufactured skincare products contains 12,600mg of concentrated snail mucus with their own technology in their own factory. 

This creams are sold one in every 6 seconds world wide that makes It's skin to be the Top 5 K-beauty brand. 


Quantity: 60ml

Price(NZD): $79 now $69 

Product description: First class luxurious cream contains mucin (snail mucus), the ingredient with superior cell restoration, moisturization, and skin trouble relieving effects, and EGF (epidermal growth factor), through the combination of which creates a synergy effect to regenerate damaged cells, the fundamental cause for skin aging. 

*What is snail cream?

Snail cream gives the image of cream contains grounded hundreds of snails?!

That's no no! Not the actual snails, just their slime (snail mucus). Snail mucus is the slime that covers the snails body that contains Chondroitin and an active ingredient complex, systematic therapies that improves skin textures, increase skin's self-defense, give more elasticity to it, promote nutrients absorption, relieve stress from skin and recover damaged skin cell. 


As this product is high-end snail cream, luxurious gold coloured package with shiny finish. 

정품 (100%Authentic) make with serial number is the important point to check when you purchase this product. 

This box is opened like a treasure box. Once I open it, crystal (looking) jar is inside with a small spatula. 


*Texture & Scent

Once I scoop it, I feel like scooping soft icecream~ It is very soft and fluffy texture with fast absorption. No slimy or oily texture at all. I love the finishing of this cream which complete absorb with several gentle patting. 

For the scent, it is mild without having strong artificial fragrance. 

*What is so special about Prestige creme d'escargot snail cream?

EGF Lifting Care Program

Rejuvenate aged skin improving EGF to create a skin barrier effect, increase elasticity and care after skin. 

Brightens & Reduces Wrinkle Care Program

Arbitin and adenosine from snail mucus clear the skin by suppressing melanin pigment and give elasticity to the skin which prevent from ageing. 

Trouble & Repairs Care Program

Mucin from snail mucus contains chondroitin which hydrate skin, gives elasticity, vitality, radiance and improve skin.

Smooth & Moisturizing Care Program

Pine mushroom and Grifola Frondosa extract helps skin to hold moist for long time.  

Using this cream for 3 weeks and can see the difference. 


*What I love about this product

It worked for me perfectly!! This is my first word that I have to say!! 

I started to use this prestige creme d'escargot when just NZ winter is started. Once the season has been changed, I had a skin problem with dryness on the chin side(U-zone), and oily T-zone with pimples.

I tried to test out this snail cream for curing skin for winter. The answer is it worked! I stopped having any new acnes and my previous pimples are almost fade away.  I cannot tell about preventing ageing skin but it soothes my skin that can feel the smooth skin texture. 

I love how this cream absorbs into my skin. So fluffy and cottony. For extremely dry skin, by only using this product, it is not enough for 100% fully hydrating effect. 

It was my first time to use high-end snail cream from It's Skin. Even the price is bit high ... but it is worth it!! I am happy to spend this much for my skin. 

To Shop Prestige Creme D'escargot at Hikoco 


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    I just bought this and want to try it ..

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    Hi what is your skin type? do you have samples of this?

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