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/K-Beauty Tip/ Do Masala for Winter 

In 2015 FW, Masala was selected as this season colour by Penton. I know now is 2016. But as you know one season is behind in Oceania! Which also means we can easily get the idea of trendy seasonal makeup look from Korea.
Masala is the trendy colour in Winter as much as Burgundy. It can calm your mind and heart during windy winter in New Zealand. Masala and Burgundy are in the same line but Masala is a little bit more calmer and settled that will make you totally chic! Marsala will be the "IT" colour not just for fashion but from head to toes. 
Let’s give an accent on your face with Masala tone! 

Here are little tips for you to wear Masala on your face! 

1. Give an accent on your lips

If you feel it is too complicated to change your daily makeup, here is the tip for you. Just wear something different on your lips! Once you change your lip colour, your makeup look will be totally different. 


-3CE MATTE #909 Smoke Rose

-3CE MATTE #908 Warm & Sweet 

-3CE MATTE #907 Old Dress 

*Hikoco says:

"As you can see from the name of this lipsticks by 3CE, it has matte finish with creamy texture. It is good to be used for creating sexy lips like Lily Maymac "  

- Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #16 Velvet Red 

*Hikoco says:

"Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm intense is so creamy and stays for long time on lips. This crayon type lipstick is easy to carry and don't need any other applicator to use. Personally I LOVE to use this lipstick for everyday "  

*K-Beauty trend: Gradient Lips 


- Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #36 Velvet Scarlet

2. Apply neutral colours on your eyes 

Neutral coloured eye shadows are easy to use for daily makeup that also helps your masala lips to be standing out. I suggest you to do not put too much colours on your eyes but still need to concentrate on lips to create chic look for winter. I would say the key point of trendy makeup style in FW season (especially in Korea) is 'BOLD LIPS' as I saw many girls with masala or burgundy lips on the street in Korea. 


- PonyEffect Conceptual Eyes #Embrown

*Hikoco says:

"It has neutral brown tones in one palette which is easy to carry and use. I would like to mix 2 colours and blend them together to create deep brown tone." 

*Hikoco says:

"This is all-in-one eye shadow palette which has creamy shadow, shimmering shadow, glitter shadow and matte shadow in neutral tone. I recommend this product to people who are not an expert in eye makeup"  

      *Glitter Shadow       *Cream Shadow         *Matte Shadow         *Shimmer Shadow
        (Highlighter)              (Base Shadow)        (For under eye zone)           (Point)

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  • Daisy

    Hi there, I just wondering do you have 3CE lipsticks 211 Dolly and 212 Moon?

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