HI-REVIEW: Anua Peach 70 Niacin Serum

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Hi Beauties! In search of a cute, PINK product that can reduce pores and texture, brighten dull complexion, and help hydrate the skin to the core? You're in the right place. 

After trialling it for a month, I'm thrilled to introduce one of our latest arrivals, the Anua Peach 70% Niacin Serum!

Price: $37

Quantity: 30ml

How to use: After toner! Up to twice daily, 2-3 drops over neck and face, avoiding the eyes.

Product Features

Have you ever wondered where the pink colour actually comes from? When I first saw this product, I assumed it had to be the peach, right? But, it’s actually derived from Vitamin B12. Although this ingredient has promise for additional skincare benefits, Vitamin B12 is most commonly used in cosmetics as a naturally derived pink colourant. Day-to-day benefits of B12 include improved regulation of our skin’s moisture as well as enhanced production of collagen.

I also did some research on peach extract and it turns out it is frequently used in cosmetic products because it helps minimise dark circles and spots! This mainly comes from the high content of Niacinamide found in peaches 🍑 Additionally, peaches are a natural antioxidant that shield the skin from free radical damage. Peach extract is often included in anti-aging products because it helps minimise wrinkles too while also soothing & calming irritated skin. Basically an all-rounder! 

With its powerful combination of Betaine Salicylate and Peach Yoghurt Complex, including Peach Flower Extract, this formula tightens and removes impurities from the pores in tandem with eliminating our dead skin cells. While the deep hydration and nourishment repair and plump, making this serum truly unique. 

Personal Review

When I first opened the serum, I was genuinely just stunned at how pretty and pink it was. Definitely on the aesthetic vibes and I love pretty packaging!

Since my skin is extremely sensitive, I was hesitant to try this serum even though I knew it would be fantastic for my combination skin. I have definitely put my peach obsession out there to many people that know me, but will peach benefit my skin type?

I fell in love with this serum the moment I used it! It has a lovely peach scent that isn’t overpowering. The consistency is actually really runny and light, which I like! A little definitely goes a long way. This serum doesn’t leave a greasy film and overall leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, giving that glass skin look that we all love!

I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin after the first few weeks! I was shocked to see how much my little bumps and texture had really decreased because I always have those issues with my skin. As someone with a lot of acne scarring, this serum definitely made it less noticeable! Overall, my skin is so hydrated and smooth!

I highly recommend this serum to anyone who is looking for something simple & straightforward, yet effective!

Until next time, Bye Beauties!



    Hi Mia,
    Yea you certainly can!! 🍑✨
    Thanks for reading xx

  • Mia

    Can I use this after putting toner then snail mucin essence then this?


    Hi Ming,
    This totally can be used with vitamin C toner but we would still recommend to be careful and incorporate slowly (the serum does have a BHA in the ingredient list) :)
    Hope this helps. Thanks xx

  • Ming

    Hi can i use this with vit c? Im using a vit c toner for day time now


    Hey Kiki,

    The Anua Peach serum has a chemical exfoliant (BHA) in the ingredient list which we wouldn’t recommend to be used with retinol.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

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