HI-REVIEW: Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Toner

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Hey Beauties, if you're interested in K-beauty skincare, chances are you've heard of the brand Beauty of Joseon. They're known for effective, innovative products, and after trying their Green Plum Refreshing Toner, I can confirm they're definitely worth the hype!

Product Features 

Price: $28

Quantity: 150ml

How to use: 

After cleansing, gently wipe skin with toner soaked in cotton pad. Or, place a sufficient amount on the palm of your hand and pat lightly for skin to fully absorb.

The toner is packed with powerful natural ingredients, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the green plum extract. This underrated fruit is jam-packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, making it a powerhouse ingredient in skincare. It helps to brighten and even out your complexion while fighting against environmental stressors and signs of ageing.

The toner also includes both AHA and BHA. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) improves skin texture by gently removing dead skin cells to leave you looking radiant. BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) works its magic deep within your pores, helping to remove excess oil and dirt while also reducing inflammation and acne. These acids are both great exfoliators on their own, but together they work wonders. Some of you with sensitive or dry skin may be worried that combining these two ingredients could be irritating. Luckily, 'Beauty of Joseon' is one step ahead as they incorporate Portulaca Oleracea extract and rice water to soothe the skin.

Personal Thoughts 

As someone with oily skin, finding a toner that effectively removes excess oil and impurities without stripping the natural oils from my skin has been challenging. But the Green Plum Refreshing Toner has proven to be a game-changer for me!

The toner has a watery consistency that feels refreshing and lightweight on my skin. I love how it absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue, and I found that a little goes a long way. Plus, the bottle has a stopper which makes for easy application as it dispenses just the right amount.

I've been travelling for the past few weeks, which means my skin has experienced a variety of harsh environments ranging from dehydrating aeroplane air to humid Mediterranean heat. Fortunately, this toner has been an absolute lifesaver. It kept my complexion even and minimised oil production in warm environments without making my skin dry in cooler climates. I even got sunburnt, and much to my surprise, the toner didn't cause any further irritation, which means it's an excellent option for those with sensitive skin. A tip though: If you're like me (oily skin), you'd get the most out of this toner by using it daily, but if you do have dry or sensitive skin, I'd recommend using it twice a week as an exfoliator instead.

After using the toner regularly for a few weeks, I understand why so many people consider it a holy grail skincare item. My pores appear smaller, and my skin looks brighter and more even-toned - and this is all despite my environment constantly changing! I'm super excited to reap even more benefits by incorporating it into my daily routine when I return to Auckland. I think this will be the perfect toner for autumn and winter when my skin craves more gentle exfoliation in the drier weather.

Overall, the Green Plum Refreshing Toner is genuinely one of a kind, and a fantastic addition to any skincare routine. It's so rare that one product caters to all skin types! Plus, it's cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and free from harmful ingredients, making it an excellent choice for those who care about what they put on their skin. So Beauties, if you're looking for a toner that's both gentle and effective, look no further because 'Beauty of Joseon' has you covered.


  • opihgibfjdkns

    I loveee this toner its the best for acne prone skin and gets rid of minimal scarring its amazing for skin texture and little bumps going to be repurchasing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Clarisa Martinez

    really loved the toner makes my skin smooth.

  • Shruti Sharma

    Great review, I also have oily skin so I might try this out.

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