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Hi Beauties!

For the past month, I was very lucky to have a chance to try the Benton’s Snail Bee Ultimate Serum. Benton has a whole snail product line but I gave the snail serum a try and here’s my experience with this product!Price: $32

Quantity: 35ml / 1.18 fl.oz

Main Ingredients: Snail secretion, Bee venom and Tea tree leaf extract 

Key Points: Multitasking Serum helps to nourish, soothe and keep skin supple with the increased density of nourishment by fermentation. First of all having a look at the ingredients, this serum mainly contains 70% snail secretion and bee venom. The 70% snail secretion has many effects on the skin but from this serum mainly, it helps to protect skin barrier to prevent moisture loss and improves wrinkles and scars. Important note to take is that this snail secretion is fermented which means skin accepts them better, they penetrate on skin better which means it works faster. But if you are sensitive to fermented product and ingredients I highly recommend you to try this product in our stores first.

Another main ingredient is bee venom.This ingredient contains many compounds that shows to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties for the skin which means it soothes redness and inflammation on acne skin.

Tea tree and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water are also present in this formula which will be very soothing for acne and also help to prevent acne in the long time frame

Snail Bee Serum also contains brightening ingredients in the form of Niacinamide, and Adenosine these are great to fight hyperpigmentation, scars from acne and any uneven skin-tone and dullness.This serum is a clean product meaning its FREE from Paraben, Sulfate, Alcohol, Silicon etc. This serum also has a pH level of 5.5 which mimics normal skin pH level where skin functions at its optimum levels. Therefore even if you have sensitive skin this serum can bring you the best results without irritating your skin! However as we ALWAYS say all skin types are different and they react to different ingredients and formula so always check the product out at our stores if you are able :)


Like everyone would imagine, I was very scared and curious to use a product that contained snail secretion, thinking that it will be very sticky and stringy on the face but my first experience with this serum totally changed my mindset. The formula was not sticky or stringy at all but was a very light weight, smooth serum that glided on my skin very nicely. It absorbed into my skin beautifully and made my skin feel very smooth and supple after I used it and created a nice texture on my skin to follow my next skin care routines. It always made my skin feel very smooth and hydrated after use and was also suitable to put on in the mornings before my make up as well as it absorbed very quickly and didn’t disturb my make up.

After trying it for a couple weeks, I could see that my scars from acne had faded away much quicker and efficiently than before and my overall skin tone was evened out. I would recommend this product more for those of you with mature skin oily skin as the formula is not oily at all, and it absorbs into the skin quicker than expected. This fermented snail secretion has many anti aging benefits as the ingredients help with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and to plump the skin. However I will also recommend this serum to all skin types and for all ages who are seeking benefits to help with moisturising, wrinkle care, acne and wound/ scar healing

I hope this review was useful for you Beauties <3


  • devender

    Nice blog thanks for sharing it

  • jade cory

    so you would say that this product made your skin more dewy or glowy? or did it just feel moisturising but not show it

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