HI-REVIEW: Heimish All Clean Balm

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Hello, beauties! 💕

Today I have brought you one of our BEST selling cleansers, All Clean Balm from Heimish. This balm cleanser will remove your makeup thoroughly and deeply, leaving you feeling fresh and squeaky clean without having to double cleanse!

Daily cleanser for removing heavy makeup easily

Price​: $25 NZD

Quatity : 120mL

Key Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)
  • Coconut Extract (Cocos Nucifera)
  • Freesia Refracta Extract
  • Iris Versicolor Extract


How It Works & How To Use

How to use:

Use the built-in spatula to scoop an appropriate amount of balm and massage it gently on your skin with dry hands, then wash it completely with lukewarm water.

  • Spa cleanser with natural aroma oil
    • Contains aroma oil to help you finish your day comfortably after cleansing
  • Natural vegetable ingredients included for deep cleansing
    • A cleansing balm containing plant-derived ingredients such as Coconut Extract and Shea Butter is gently melted by the skin's temperature and cleans up the heavy makeup and dead skin cells.
  • ​3-Step transformer texture (Balm-Oil-Milk)
    • The balm texture is softened after a gentle massage and turns into oil. When it touches the water, it turns into a milky formula that is easily washed and gives a moist cleansing effect


My Reflection - Heimish All Clean Balm

The instant I’ve tried the Heimish All Clean Balm, I realised that this cleanser had become one of my HOLY GRAILS. I have always struggled with the steps of removing makeup, such as; wiping my face with makeup remover (water or oil cleanser), removing detailed areas like eyes and lips with lip & eye makeup remover AND THEN having to double cleanse with a foam or gel cleanser.

However, the Heimish All Clean Balm cleanser does ALL those steps in ONE GO 👏🏻I was amazed that it removed all my makeup very deeply and in detail without having any excess of foundation, mascara - I wear extremely waterproof mascara -, etc.

I had also noticed that my eyes did NOT sting at all when some of the soap went into my eyes. Only my sight got a bit blurry, but the blurriness faded away after washing my eyes with clean water (If the blurriness is still there try opening your eyes in water for a few seconds).

Heimish All Clean Balm cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin as well as all skin types. I recommend it to all you beauties and why not give it a shot! Especially if you have to wear makeup every day or every other day.

I hope all you beauties dunk this in your cart! 😍



Written By. Leah J


  • Melaine

    Excellent product to remove makeup. Very gentle on the skin

  • Jan Huang

    I really like this product, finish two tans already, getting another today. It’s easy to use, it removes all the eye makeups and would not get into my eyes easily like the oil dose. Recommended to everyone who dislike getting a mess.

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