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by HIKOCO New Zealand

Figs aren't a familiar fruit here in New Zealand and it also isn't a well-known fruit to be used for skincare either, so I was genuinely interested in trying out the I'm From Fig range to find out what the benefits of figs are for the skin. Figs are known for having high antioxidant properties, hydrating the skin and improving the skin texture as well as fading pigmentation on the skin.

As a woman who has entered the 30's, I do have some skin concerns and they are Hydration, Anti Aging and Pigmentation. It is important to keep the skin Hydrated as dry skin can cause aging especially entering that vulnerable age.

The I'm From Fig range has three products and they are the cleansing balm, the scrub mask and the essence and I have been lucky enough to test out the three products and introduce them into my daily routine for 2 months.

I'm From Fig Cleansing Balm: 7.8% Fig Extract

The cleansing balm contains 7.8% amount of Fig extract and made out of fig, oil and water - now you may think that this 7.8% is quite low but remember, the main purpose of this cleansing balm is to clean off the makeup on your skin and it's a product which you eventually remove. There is not much of a point in having high Fig extracts when the aim is to remove it off after rubbing the product off your face.

The product is simple, sleek and smooth representing the 'natural' look and feel. The container is made out of plastic - I would've preferred it in glass for consistency and for their lux expensive looks like their toner and mask, but nevertheless doesn't affect the performance of the cleanser.

The cleanser looked like an unused candle when it was first opened. A scoop out of the container and it felt like soft wax that instantly melted as soon as it touched your skin.

The heat melts the remover and glides smoothly onto your skin. You only need a 5 cent coin worth for you to clean your whole entire face.

The product has no particular smell - It's gentle enough to use around the sensitive areas of your face like your eyes.

I would say that it removes 80% off your makeup but I am a firm believer in double cleansing your face. First, with an oil-based remover, then with a water based remover. I did just that, first used the cleansing balm then the micellar water afterwards to get rid of the remaining residue.

Thankfully the product is gentle enough for you to do so. I have combination-sensitive skin, and after a double cleanse my skin didn't feel sensitive at all.

My makeup was thoroughly removed after two steps of cleansing, not leaving my face feel dry.

  • Smell: None
  • Texture: Waxy but not thick, turns oily
  • Packaging: Plastic
  • Overall: 8/10

Overall, I would say this product does the job in delivering what it promises. It cleanses your face gently without drying out your face and skin. I wouldn't say that my skin felt extra hydrated but it didn't do the opposite either. Only a small scoop is needed to remove all the makeup off and the product should last 3-4 months so despite being on the pricier side, it is worth the money. 

Other similar cleansers famous for their reputations are: Heimish All Clean Balm, and Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm.

I'm From Fig Boosting Essence: 62.7% Fig Extract

Fig extracts have been known to contain Antioxidant properties as well as properties that are supposed to lighten up the darker pigmentations on your skin. The cons, however, just like Vitamin C serums, I have been told that it also may make skin sensitive.

As one of my key skin concerns are the darkening of my sun spots/freckles, instead of using the product day and night, I only incorporated the essence into my night routine.

I have applied the essence by soaking the cotton pad then gently rubbing my skin with the essence. The essence is light and doesn't have a fragrance which I really found as a positive. You can also directly apply onto your face using your hands, but I personally found it that you actually don't waste as much toner/essence if you use cotton pads.

  • Smell: None
  • Texture: Watery and lightweight
  • Packaging: Glass
  • Overall: 6/10

Overall, this essence was extremely lightweight. Due to my skin being dry during Winter, I didn't feel like the essence was heavy enough for me during the peak time I was testing the product out. However, it may be perfect during Summer when my skin doesn't need as much hydration but still needs it to keep my skin moisturised! 

I'm From Fig Scrub Mask: 1.2% Fig Extract

I was previously a massive fan of Skin Food's Black Sugar Mask back in the days. I loved the fact that it hydrated my skin while exfoliating my skin and my skin always had such a soft finish once the mask was used. When Skin Food had disappeared from the market, I knew there were alternatives but I never tried them.

The Fig Mask looks similar to a Black Sugar Mask at first glance. The mask has a Fragrance that's pleasant and not too strong. The texture is not so much like black sugar (grainy) but finer like sand and quite soft and gentle overall.

I had applied the mask gently onto the skin leaving it in for around 10 mins. Then I gently massaged the mask all around, just enough to exfoliate but with not too much force to damage the skin's surface.

The skin was left soft and smooth. Hydration wise, it of course wasn't as effective as the hydration sheet masks but this is an exfoliating mask to use once every week for the removal of dead skin, blackheads and congestion (no surprises there).

Because I usually use a cleansing brush on my face, I don't have many blackheads. But since my partner doesn't have a steady skincare routine, I tested the product on him. The results from before and after shots with just one usage shows the effectiveness of the product. I believe a weekly usage will show drastic differences.

  • Smell: Slight fragrance
  • Texture: Soft, sandy and fine
  • Packaging: Glass
  • Overall: 6/10

Overall with the I'm From Fig range, my favourite product was the cleanser as the saying 'a little goes a long way' applies to this product. I found it very effective for my daily double cleansing, and would recommend it as it doesn't dry out your skin during the removal of your makeup.

The three products worked well on my skin and I didn't have any problems despite having combination-sensitive skin. They may be a little pricier but I haven't encountered any major skin issues during the past 2 month. This is probably because they’re from THE nature-loving brand, I’m From.

I'm From focuses on pulling from nature's finest ingredients and using them to bring out the best of our skin. Although the I'm From Fig range is the priciest out of the whole I'm From brand, it's well worth giving it a chance. Especially since their other ranges such as the Mugwort range and Honey range are so popular and are already proven to be effective in improving the skin!

Hope you've enjoyed my review and I hope it helps with your decision on purchasing the I’m From Fig products.

Thanks Beauties!


Written By. Jasmine K

Photos 📸 www.imfrom.co.kr

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