HI-REVIEW: Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Oil 🍏

by Lizzie Catterson

Hi beauties!

If your skin is tightening up after cleansing as the weather gets cold, you'll need a moisturising cleansing oil 😫  Did you know that all you need is some APPLE to sort your problem? If you're looking for your next holy grail oil cleanser, the Innisfree Apple Seed Oil Cleanser might be the one for you!

Price: $21

Quantity: 150ml

Key Ingredients: Apple seed oil, apple (peel) extract

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount onto dry hands and gently smooth over dry face to dissolve makeup. Add water with fingertips and massage to remove makeup. Rinse off with lukewarm water afterwards.

Apple is healthy for you, both inside and out! The seeds inside an apple contain all the nutrients required for growth of fruit and stems. This cleanser utilises cold pressed apple seed oil enriched with unsaturated fatty acids, to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin after cleansing, and keeps the skin firm and supple. The apple peel extract contains vitamins and organic acids which help to dissolve dead skin cells off of the skin and melt away impurities. Apple seed oil is said to have numerous benefits, including collagen activation, anti-oxidising, UV filtering and even on acne and stretch marks.

This product is designed to be a make-up remover, perfect for those doing double cleansing, or for those with ageing and drier skin.

Personal thoughts

This Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Oil is a very light and thin consistency! This means I didn’t have to use as much to spread the product evenly over my face, and it also washed off more easily. Some thicker oils are a lot harder to thoroughly wash off and can lead to pore congestion.

Being thinner in consistency didn’t make it any less effective at removing make-up, although I would recommend using it with Innisfree Apple Seed Lip & Eye Makeup Remover to more precisely target heavy eye makeup with a cotton pad.

This product left no oily residue or shine - it made my skin feeling clean and fresh, and very soft and healthy looking. Moving into winter time, my skin has felt a lot drier and this product didn’t leave my face feeling tight! I have combination-oily skin that is also quite sensitive so I’m usually scared of using fragranced products, but I personally had no reaction to this at all! I’ve noticed that since it has a light exfoliating effect as well as a moisturising effect, if I use it as a standalone cleanser in the mornings my makeup applies so much more nicely since the dead skin is removed.

Overall, I would really recommend this product for all skin types, but if you are sensitive skinned it is good to note that this product contains a small amount of fragrance! It is quick and easy to use due to it’s light consistency and also works great as a gentle exfoliator, makes men eager to try more Innisfree products!

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