HI-REVIEW: Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone Up Cream

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Hi Beauties! ❣️
Innisfree came out with their Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom line! There are total of four products with an Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom line and today I will be introducing you the “Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone Up Cream” which is probably the hottest item from the line. It was sold out in every store on the day this line was launched!

PRICE: $33

This moisturizing tone up cream provides natural tone up effect while hydrating skin. It is very lightweight, and it has a clear brightening effect from the Jeju cherry blossom, and it also provides a constant moisturizing effect.

✔️Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extract - provides brightening effect for bright and clear skin with radiant.
✔️Natural Betaine from Sugar beet - prevents moisture loss of the skin

1. Apply cream on the face and neck evenly as the last step of skincare routine.
2. Or mix with foundation and apply for dewy skin with radiant.
3. A light cleansing is needed after use. It is recommended to apply in the morning.

This product is very lightweight as it states and appears to be watery in texture which I found it very different from other tone up creams. It’s super moisturizing and applies very smoothly on the skin.

*Can I go to sleep with this Tone up cream on?
And this is the most important part! Many of you has been asking me about whether you can apply this tone up cream at night and go to sleep with this on. The tone up cream I introduced you today contains a powder that provides the immediate toning effect and since it is a makeup ingredient it is recommended for you to apply in the morning and it needs to be cleansed at night before going to
sleep as it has Titanium Dioxide in it - it can BLOCK PORES if not cleansed at night.

*Doesn’t have SPF
This tone up cream doesn’t have SPF in it, so for those of you who were expecting about sun UV protection you have to apply sunscreen separately before applying this tone up cream

My Experience

This tone up cream has become my daily product! I apply it thinly before putting on base makeups and then build coverage of it. It brightened my skin tone and the effect is very natural and made my skin look to be naturally white! and it really did work great with makeups. It does a good job in preventing your skin from getting oily as well. Some of the tone up creams I have used felt cakey but when I applied this tone up cream it didn’t appear or felt cakey. And also, this tone up cream didn’t rub off easily and had less getting it on my neck when I also applied on my neck in order to keep my face and neck in the same tone to give off natural look.


✔️When I applied to dry areas it left white flakes after few hours and made my skin even more dry

✔️If you have a sensitive skin be aware this has a slight fragrance (though it was okay for my skin even though I have sensitive skin)

Overall, it is a perfect tone up cream to brighten up skin tone and it’s a good product and I will definitely recommend this product to those who are looking for a tone up cream! 💖


  • asifah

    how long does the tone up cream last during the day? do we have to reapply?


    Hi Camille,

    InnisFree recently changed the packaging design for some products, including this one which is now in a tube, but we have this in stock online here: https://hikoco.co.nz/products/jeju-cherry-blossom-tone-up-cream-tube

    Thank you!

  • camille

    This was good for my skin. When can I order this again please. Ive been checking the past few weeks every week


    Hi Nimmy :)

    Dry skin may need a slightly more nourishing moisturiser. If your skin is very dry, we would recommend the Illiyoon Ceramide ATO line :)

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Nimmy

    Hi, my skin is very dry.. could you suggest Is innisfree tone cream is good for dry skin?

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