HI-REVIEW: Mizon Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream

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Moisturiser is considered the most important step in my skincare routine. It’s what locks everything else in and truly nourishes. Especially for us with combination skin, we need to carefully tread the line between combating dryness and keeping oil at bay. 

A lot of creams will promise to firm, lift, nourish and generally fix your skincare concerns. It can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes frustrating looking for the right product. My advice would be to follow the science, let a product explain how it works and what the ingredients are and then you can feel confident in the results you should see.  

Price: $46

Quantity: 50ml

This Mizon Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream contains 54% collagen and our skincare hero Hyaluronic Acid, which we’ve covered in previous reviews. The real point of difference in this product is the ingredient, Copper Tripeptide-1. This complex is known for its unique wound healing properties, it stimulates the breakdown of unhealthy or too large collagen in scar tissue and then stimulates healthy collagen production afterwards. The results in skincare are beautifully plump, elastic and glowing skin. 

Combined with the Collagen and Hyaluronic acid for lift and hydration and you have a natural face lift in a jar! 

Before switching to this moisturiser, I was using a very light Vitamin C Cream. I was enjoying how light and lifted it was making my skin. However, when I started using the Mizon Collagen Cream it was like a rebirth for my skin, it felt so plump and moisturized after just the first application. The longer I used it the more nourished my skin felt, like starting a new diet and feeling like a new person. 

I adore the texture of this cream; it is thick and luscious but never feels heavy or sticky. It soaks into the skin quickly and gives you a beautiful glow without looking like an oil slick! 

Final thoughts 

I was genuinely surprised at how much my skin loved this product. Sometimes we take a chance and our skin thanks us for it!

If you have combination skin like me, I highly recommend giving this product a try. This cream is rich and nourishing without feeling heavy, oily or restrictive. You will wake up with glowing lifted skin. For severe dry or oily skin types I feel you would achieve better results combining this with other more targeted products for your skin concerns. For dry skin, try combining with a facial oil to boost hydration and for oily skin, using a toner beforehand.

The value with this product is also second to none, it is priced so well compared to similar products from other brands, but it is also a larger pot. I feel this will last me longer and the results only keep getting better the longer I use it. 

Try something new, listen to your skin, it may just thank you for it 😊 



    Hi Amo,
    Yes, this cream can definitely help with texture and fine lines overtime :)
    Hope this helps. Thanks for reading xx

  • Amo

    Hi :) I’m 20 with normal skin with a bit of texture and smile forehead and eye lines, is this product suitable for me?

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