HI-REVIEW: Round Lab Pine Tree Calming Cica Cream

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Kia ora beauties!

Have you been on the lookout for a calming cream that will help balance oil, but won’t agitate sensitive skin? Then look no further, because I think I may have found your next holy grail, the Round Lab Pine Tree Calming Cica Cream!

Price: $38

Quantity: 50ml

How To Use: Take an appropriate amount of the contents and gently spread it on the skin for absorption.

Whether it’s chemical or physical, exfoliating when you have sensitive skin can be a nightmare! Even relatively gentle exfoliators can make sensitive skin feel raw and can also cause flare ups, which can be really disheartening to deal with. I’ve recently been trying the Round Lab Pine Tree Calming Cica Cream, and let me tell you, this might be a game changer if you’re wanting a soothing, hydrating, but also exfoliating cream.

This product contains LHAs which are actually a type of acid, a chemical exfoliant to be specific. Now don’t freak out, not all acids are aggressive on the skin! LHA is the largest exfoliating acid when compared to its brothers and sisters, AHA, BHA, and PHA. By ‘largest’ I'm talking about its molecular size. To put it simply, the smaller the molecular size of the ingredient, the deeper it can be absorbed into your skin. So the opposite happens when an ingredient has a large molecular size. The ingredient is unable to go deep into the skin, and it only really reaches the first few layers of your dermis and epidermis (the skin on your face).

As LHA is an acid, this means it offers a much gentler exfoliation, as it can only exfoliate the first few layers of your face, which is fab if you have sensitive skin! This cream also contains a few types of hyaluronic acid (three to be precise) which is known for its incredible hydrating properties. With a smooth gel-like texture this cream is great for applying to specific areas of your face with ease.

Personal Opinion

First off, I LOVE the texture of the cream. It glides onto the skin so easily and it absorbs very quickly, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It does dry a little bit tacky/sticky, which I personally like, as it acts as a good base for makeup. A little bit goes a LONG way, so you only have to use a tiny bit to cover your entire face. I’ve noticed on the days that I use this, my skin feels plumper and more hydrated for longer, and I've also noticed that my T-zone gets less oily throughout the day, which I love.

I have very sensitive eyes, and this product didn’t cause any irritation at all, which was so nice! I was also dealing with a rosacea flare up on my cheeks, and this cream didn’t irritate it, or make it worse at all, which was also a big win. I also love how this product comes in a tube, as it’s less likely to get bacteria into the product from things like dipping your finger or skin care tools into it.

The only thing I didn’t really like about this cream is the smell. It doesn’t smell terrible, but it smells a little musty, almost like an old bottle of skin care or some old make up. The smell didn't last for long, but it did put me off a little bit. If you’re not too bothered by smells then I think you’d barely notice it. 

If you suffer from sensitive skin, but really want to reap the benefits of exfoliating, definitely give the Round Lab Pine Tree Calming Cica Cream a try, it might just become your new fav!



    Hi Lucia,

    This cream can be used everyday however, because it has LHA (chemical exfoliant) you may want to slowly introduce it into your routine, especially if you have sensitive skin. This can be done by first using it 1-2 times a week :)

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Lucia

    how often can I use this?

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