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Hiya lovely beauties 💕

Growing and maturing is a part of our natural path in life, however, no one likes the sound of ageing! But when do I start an anti-aging regime? Am I at the right age? Should I just go all out and do everything thats possible? No fear ladies, I am here to give you a tldr, no fluff guide on anti-aging 👵 .


So what exactly is skin ageing?

It’s something that we all have to experience and unfortunately, inevitable. However, there are a few avoidable causes that speeds up the process. The biggest concern is UV damage, followed by smoking and diet. As we grow older, our skin cell turnover rate get slower and slower. Our collagen production will start to decrease by 1% each year, once we turn 21. We can prevent premature ageing and slow down the process if we start taking care as early as the age of 20 !

During our 20s

There is no need for serious anti-aging just yet, stick to a balanced routine fit for your skin type and keep them hydrated! However, the first and most important step in anti-aging is sun protection! Even if you don’t see any signs of ageing in your 20s, the only way to get rid of sun damage is actually to prevent it. Especially under New Zealand sun 🌞 , it’s never too early to start wearing sunscreen. One of my favorite sunscreens is definitely the Dr. Jart+ Sun Fluid, lightweight and great for sensitive skin (for more info, check out my review!).


Approaching our 30s

With our skin constantly under attack from UV exposure, pollution, lack of sleep and stress, it needs a boost to help battle them 🥊 ! I highly recommend introducing Vitamins C and E into your daily skincare. Although Vitamin C and E is popular for skin brightening, not many people is aware that its also great for preventing skin- ageing. These antioxidants are both naturally found within the skin and helps protect collagen loss. A great Vitamin C product to start off with is the Some By Mi Glow Serum, works amazing for blemishes too (for more info, check out my review!).

Follow up with the By Wishtrend Maximizing Cream for your supply of Vitamin E (for more info, check out Lauren’s review!).


Reaching our 40s and above

It’s time to really tackle the inevitable. We will begin to notice more signs of aging in the form of lines and wrinkles, we may even notice a loss of skin elasticity and hydration. Begin using a heavier and soothing moisturizer on your skin, as well as products that contain higher levels of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. A few to look out for is Ceramides, Collagen and Peptides.

Ceramides is one of the most effective ingredient for keeping your skin barrier healthy and strong, locking moisture into the skin 💧 . In terms of anti-aging, the more hydrated your skin is, the more youthful it will look. I recommend checking out Dr. Jart+’s Ceramidin line, especially their cream!


Collagen is one of the most important proteins in your skin, it’s what keep our skin strong and firm with elasticity. The problem is that our natural collagen production slows down as we age. Although Collagen are the ones we always hear about, but don’t forget about Peptides! They are amino-acids great for smoothing fine lines, increasing collagen production, and decreasing the appearance of pores. Mizon’s Skin Energy Collagen 100 and Peptide 500 are popular serums within our HIKOCO beauties. They are easy to incorporate into your existing skin care regime and works for any skin type 🙆 !


These are just a few key steps and tips to be aware of anti-aging. Remember aging is a normal part of life, however, instead of worrying about getting older, just be confident and happy, that’s the key for eternal youth 👼 . I’m sure you will look just as cute and beautiful no matter how old you are! That’s all from me today beauties, take care and stay safe!

Thanks for reading my rambles 💖

Stay gorgeous 🌸 till next time~



    Hi Premmy,

    We can definitely help curate a suitable skincare routine for you! Please send an email to info@hikoco.co.nz with any specifics you’re after :)

    Thank you!

  • Premmy

    Hi,I’m 51and I looking for skin care routines AM and PM products. My skin type is dry it would be great if you could advise. Thank you


    Hi Anne,

    We’d love to curate a personalised skincare routine just for you! Please send us an email and we’ll make sure to find the most suitable routine for you :)


  • Anne

    Could you please advise me of witch products to use for sensitive ,dehydrated mature skin. I am also looking for a very good peptide serum and moisturizer that won’t clog pores. I also have very thin skin. Thank you


    Hi Kim,

    Of course, we would love to help! Feel free to flick us an email with your skin type and if you have any skin concerns. We’ll find the most suitable skincare routine for you!

    Thanks for reading :)

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