HI-TIPS: COSRX AC Collection 💉

by Isabel Bang

Hi Beauties 💕

COSRX has brought their newest collection to Hikoco, the AC Collection Line!

There’s no other explanation about the whole collection than that it’s “made for acne”.

Not only are people concerned of acne, but I see a lot of people struggling with tiny bumps around the face that’s not even a  proper pimple, nor is it something we can easily get rid of - these ‘papules’ can lead to blackheads or even ‘pustules’!

Let’s take a proper look into the COSRX AC Collection and see if they actually help with these everlasting skin stresses 🧐

First of all, these products are all approved from clinical tests to prove they are safe for acne-prone skin, so no worries there!

COSRX claims that with the “CentellAC-RX" treatment, all your sebum problems will be wiped away 👍🏻 - Check out its key ingredients to guarantee acne prevention & treatment

  1. Madecassic Acid for skin protection & soothing - This is what’s usually and mainly used in antiseptic ointments in Korea, meaning it’s all for skin healing and protection.
  1. Asiaticoside for skin clearing - Mostly used for skin conditioning products! Great for rejuvenating the skin as well as pore tightening
  1. Asiatic Acid for skin barrier strengthening & skin lifting

ENOUGH with the confusing medical talk! Here are my tips to the entire AC Collection 💉

Ultimate Spot Cream

This very lightweight spot cream definitely absorbs with minimal touch! 🙉

As a person who absolutely hates heavy cream going on my face, this cream wouldn’t feel caked up even with a double layer.

COSRX recommended applying a single layer at day time and a double layer for night care, which I won’t mind trying for my flared up acnes for EXTRA strong spot treatment.

It even has Aloe Vera Leaf Water and Zinc-oxide to soothe + cool the angry pimples which is a plus!

+ opening the cap can be a stress first, but just make sure to take off  the seal. Then PRESS DOWN the nozzle as you turn it clockwise.


Calming Foam Cleanser

This Calming Foam Cleanser is another joiner in the Hikoco’s gentle cleanser collection! Similarly with the popular COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, it’s a mild foam cleanser that’s suited for sensitive skin as well!

With enough fine foam with Salicylic acid that will wind straight up to your skin, it’ll calm you from the irritation that the skin had during whole day. ✨

+ You can call it a collaboration of “COSRX Salicylic Acid Foam Cleanser x COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser”


Calming Liquid Intensive vs. Calming Liquid Mild

The two Calming Liquids that the AC Collection holds, it quite similar yet very different!

You can call these liquids a toner or even an essence - meaning you can use it straight after your cleansing OR after the toner of your choice.

It’s best to use it with a cotton pad if you can, just for hygiene issues and for a more well-absorbent effect.

You can also use the two liquids together, by applying the Intensive Liquid on spots where you want extra care, and the Mild Liquid all over your face.


You can check out the *main differences* of the two liquids below!


Calming Liquid Intensive

- AHA, BHA, Zinc PHA for exfoliation

- Propolis extract for recovery + hydration

- Vege-based Ethanol for oil + sebum control


Calming Liquid Mild

- BHA & PHA for exfoliation

- Green tea water for soft sebum care

- Safe for sensitive skin (great for teenagers!)

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