Pimple Breakout? Immediate Steps to Care

by Michelle Li

Whether pimples occur frequently or once in awhile due to hormonal changes, diet or even stress, the right steps need to be taken to make sure it doesn’t pop up again, and most importantly, heals in the best way to prevent acne scarring, which can be the hardest to fade. To do this, take extra care from the beginning to the very end of the breakout!  

Clear Clogged Pores

With most breakouts, it starts off as a blind pimple or shows up as red before there’s any sebum or pus visible. After all, pimples form when dead skin cells mix with excess sebum and oil. This mixture causes the pores to be clogged and become swollen. Often, this is the first sign of a pimple coming up where it should be ready for treatment! Once bacteria starts growing, this is when white pus that you see in the pimple appears and a sign to begin treatment by clearing the excess bacteria up!  

One of the ways to prevent pimples from forming is proper exfoliating steps. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells as well as excess sebum and oil. A product that does both are the COSRX One Step Moisture Pads. Using pads like the COSRX ones where they have embossing will help physically exfoliate while the BHA (salicylic acid) chemically exfoliates to absorb excess sebum and oil. These pads also contain propolis extract which contains both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent acne breakouts from forming in the first place 🐝

Apply Pimple Patches

A must in any skincare cabinet are pimple patches! These are quick and simple to use for quick care. Pimple patches made out of hydrocolloid material are the most effective after extracting the pimple to soothe the pimple, decrease swelling and make sure that there are no irritations. It also ensures the pimple heals a lot faster by protecting the pimple from bacteria infection.

The COSRX Clear Fit Master Patches are perfect for everyday if you are going out or under makeup. They are thinner and so less noticeable when wearing but don’t underestimate them, they will absorb up any white pus found on the pimple. Wear them for a few hours, and you will see all the white pus that has formed on the sticker plus the pimple less red with the size gone down too. If you need emergency pimple care, pimple patches are a skin saviour 🙏🏻

Soothe Your Skin

To make sure your skin is calmed down from any irritation, using soothing ingredients is best. Not only does such ingredients strengthen the skin barrier to make sure no scars are left but makes sure that pimples don’t come up again. Using antioxidants will help strengthen the skin barrier and make sure that the skin is no longer irritated. This is really important as skin is the most sensitive when acne breakouts occur thus, why the area is more red and inflamed than the rest of the areas on the skin.


By Wishtrend's Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule was actually made based on their customers’ feedback 💬 For those with sensitive skin or are experiencing breakouts, using a very gentle ampoule is important to replenish the skin. This ampoule contains ceramides, peptides and squalene which strengthens the skin barrier but also refines bumpy skin texture. It also contains centella asiatica extract known in K-beauty to help decrease redness on the skin by calming down the skin. It’s a very lightweight, cloud-like formula to moisturise the skin without clogging pores.

Brighten to Prevent Scars

And of course, sometimes, those pesky acne scars can develop. The key to this is prevention by making sure sunscreen is applied. UV rays can be a major culprit to development of acne scars especially if the skin is already so sensitive from the breakout. Using brightening ingredients like vitamin C can help prevent acne scars too! Especially when applied along with sunscreen. Vitamin C not only contains a lot of antioxidants that can help strengthen the skin barrier by protecting skin from environmental stressors, but it also enhances sunscreen’s UV protection. 

Some By Mi’s Galactomyces Serum contains a smaller percentage of vitamin C meaning it won’t sensitise your irritated skin even more. But don’t worry because more of the brightening benefit comes from niacinamide and 75% of galactomyces ferment filtrate for effective but gentle care ✨ This ingredient has gone through a fermentation process which means small molecules to absorb deeper into each skin layer. There are also a lot of antioxidants in this serum too, to further protect you from environmental stressors. Another reason why this serum is great to prevent acne scars from forming! 

Remember to be patient and applying harsh skincare products is never the answer. I hope these tips are something you can follow whenever you are experiencing a breakout to help you get your skin back on its track 😊 Best of luck!

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