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Hi Beauties💕

We’re still not used to the idea of 2020, and are almost at the end of February before we knew it!

You know that February is always a special month for HIKOCO 😍 February 1st, 2016 was the day HIKOCO was born, and ever since, we’ve been celebrating our birthday with our Beauties. 🎉 This year, as we sang happy 4th birthday to us, we had four special days full of special surprises for all of you.

Do you still have HIKOCO 3rd Anniversary Towel sitting in your bathroom lookin’ cute? 'Cause this year we’ve got another giveaway that we had ready, a 4th Anniversary Drawstring Pouch, with a cute saying that’s engraved in our hearts, “HIKOCO 4EVER”.On the second day, it became our annual thing to give out discount coupons! Last year it was $3 OFF, and of course for our 4th birthday, it’s $4 OFF! Be sure to use it up by this month though. 👍🏻Thirdly, our Youtube channel flared up with our Beauties wishing us a happy birthday! The 4th Anniversary video starred Hara, Kate, and Sue getting all emotional about HIKOCO’s steps from 2016 till now. For those who wished us the best birthday, we chose FOUR Beauties to win the Hi-Merch Box - which would've been the best gift for the REAL HIKOCO lovers!

Congratulations to Danielle, Aziza, Victoria, and Jenina! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 + Thank you for your lovely photos 🥰💖And on the FOURTH day, things got serious with all Beauties. THE LUCKY BOXES WERE BACK! On Christmas 2018, the hype of Lucky Boxes definitely took us by surprise. The limited boxes of 100 boxes with an armful of presents were sold out in 2 hours online, and within 5 hours offline! So we got a bit more ready this time, 200 boxes in total for both On & Offline!And guess what happened? SOLD OUT ONLINE IN 3MINS 🙈🙉🙊 Trust me, no one expected this (we thought it was a technical bug, but it wasn’t 😂Thank you once again to all Beauties who waited & purchased & loved the 2020 Lucky Boxes! They’ll come creeping back by the time you forget about them 😘

Remember last time, a lucky winner won 365 Face MasksIt happened this time as well!Congratulations to Jenny, the huge box of masks was way too heavy for her to hold so the photos only have a mini version! Hope you’re enjoying your masks Jenny! 🥳

This was what was going on for the first four days of Feb 2020, and we wish that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you once again for all the Beauties that had stuck around with HIKOCO for the last 4 years. This is a pretty committed relationship we’re having, hope it lasts “4EVER” 💕

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