HI-REVIEW: Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion

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Review* Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion SPF 50+PA+++ 

Hi Beauties~

I have many compliments on my skin and base makeup once I changed my daily foundation to Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion. 

I also got several questions as well .. 

" Why you look so different today"  "What did you do on your skin"

"Have you changed any skin care product?" "Which foundation are you using?"

 So, I want to share with you guys how adorable cushion foundation it is. 

blind test

Before I start, I found this article from Clio website. Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion has won of the Korean Herald's Cushion Foundation Blind Test. 

Clio Kill Cover_2

Clio Kill Cover_3


Quantity: 15g x 2 

Price(NZD): $44 (Weekly Special $39 till 24 Sep 2017)

Shade: #02 BP Lingerie #03 By Linen #04 Ginger 

Product description:

Clio's Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion is formula includes 52% of a hydrating ampoule, to deliver long-lasting and intensive hydration without feeling greasy or heavy. In addition, it provides excellent, natural and seamless coverage, resulting in an even and beautifully, silky and radiant complexion.

Clio Kill Cover_4


Actual product and a free refill are nicely packed in a box. On the box it has many informations and the advertising comments in Korean and some in English. 

Clio Kill Cover_7

Once I open the case, I can see the applicator in black which I love about!

Clio Kill Cover_8
Clio Kill Cover_12


Applicator is a puff type, soft on the bottom (peach colour side) like a sponge and little bit hard at the back side (where the handle is on) 

Clio Kill Cover_6

Once opening a cap/lid, I saw a seal to remove just like other cushion foundations. 


It is available in 3 different shades: #02 BP Lingerie #03 By Linen #04 Ginger. Now from Hikoco, Only #3 and #4 are available.  

Clio Kill Cover_10

1. Color 2 - BP Lingerie (For users of No. 21, fair rosy complexion)
2. Color 3 - BY Linen (For users of No. 21 with redness)
3. Color 4 - BP Ginger (For users of No. 23)


Clio Kill Cover_11

Texture is so chewy with heaps of moist. As you can see from the picture, I dipped my finger into cushion then liquid was pumped out. I can tell it absorbs full of liquid foundation. 

Clio Kill Cover_12

It is velvety smooth texture with long lasting effect for all day. Actually to me, I don't need touch up in the afternoon after I use this cushion foundation. It stays on my skin just like my actual skin. No heaviness or greasiness. 

BEFORE using Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion


After using Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion


There is no photoshop effect or any other effect. and no flash on. I took photos under natural light. It covers pores and freckles on my cheek. 


As I mentioned before, I got too many compliments and good feedback once I have changed my daily foundation to Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Ampoule Cushion. 

It has semi-matt finish with medium to high coverage. And it stays on face for long time even I don't use the powder on the top of it. The special thing about this cushion is it helps my skin have elegant silk glow, lustre from outstanding effects of double silk serum which have moisture persistency and cover persistency.




However I feel uncomfortable to use this puff. At the back of sponge side is too hard and difficult to put my fingers in. To be honest, I have used several different products and no one can beat the Amore's cushion foundation puff... (Especially IOPE puff which is my FAV!)


And to everyone who read this far, here are some tips for you

Shade: Shades are bit lighter than what they say. I would say it gives a little bit pale tone on your skin. I think many of Asian (Korean) people prefer lighter and brightening effect with foundation or bb cream. So I recommend to choose one shade darker then what you normally use. 

But to me, it oxidized a bit to match my natural skin tone after several mins. It makes my skin tone to be glowy. 


- Who cannot find the perfect foundation yet  - All skin type. Especially for complex skin type.  - Don't have a time to fix your makeup  - Who wants glowy and matt finish  To shop:  https://hikoco.co.nz/collections/bb-cream/products/kill-cover-liquid-founwear-ampoule-cushion-03-by-linen



  • Lulu Chong

    Love it at first! Made my face glow and stay on for hours. The sponge is amazing, you only have to pad a little of the foundation in the sponge and it bland in all onto your skin leaving no residue on the sponge which is really unusual! It covers well and I’m feeling confident and great!

  • jimmy

    thanks for sharing this product, i have read it all, i just bought this product and to start using it, how long have u use this product for?? and how much would you give this product for??

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