#YAYNAY TESTER TEAM: By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel ūüĆĚ- Mid 10s

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Rachel // Oily-Dehydrated & Acne Skin // Mid 10s

I'm Rachel, a teenager -16 years old and has oily/dehydrated skin (weird combo I know) and is also very acne-prone. My face feels extremely dry after washing my face but then gets oily really easily throughout the day. I get pimples regularly and it literally doesn't stop so I was hoping in a way that this product would prevent pimples from appearing as much as possible and reduce and get rid of them if they appear 

When I first started using the By Wishtrend's Sulfur 3% Clean Gel, I used the product both morning and night. At first, I mixed a little bit with my moisturizer and then applied another layer on specific spots. However, after a few days, it felt kind of mattifying and drying ish-. It felt kind of uncomfortable so I switched it to just specific areas. 

First impressions

During the first day of trying the product, my skin was actually in the best conditions it had been in a while. I didn't have any huge spots and only just small bumps on the skin. After using it for just one day (both day and night) the next morning when I woke up the results were amazing! The small pimples that were randomly on my face disappeared and also got rid of the redness they caused. The product did wonders over just one use. 

After 1 week of use

However, over this week I had very problematic skin. Bigger pimples were forming inside and underneath the top layer of the skin (the painful and itchy ones). I used this product for a week but saw no changes :(( after a week of use, the cystic acne was still growing and this product didn't calm or soothe it. 

After 2 weeks of use

What I can say about this product is that it works extremely well on small pimples - whiteheads and the tiny bumps people may get all over the forehead (fungal acne). However, maybe because the cystic acne is underneath the skin, this product doesn't do much. 

There weren't many changes from the second week to the end of the third week.

After 4 weeks of use 

After using this product for 4 weeks, the bigger pimples has actually diminished. They got smaller and stopper hurting and the bump wasn't that big. I think the reason for this is because the pimple has surfaced to the top and the product is actually reaching the problematic areas. 


Yay or nay?

Overall it's a YAY from me. I really recommend this product despite it working a little slow. It works extremely well on small pimples that appear here and there and I reach for this product very often. However, I can't say that this product prevents acne from occurring - so if that's something you were looking for this product may not be for you. For people that have cystic acne, I would recommend for the acne to surface and then use this product as that's the best way for this product to do its job. (I would recommend the AC care Solution Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot product to do this, it has helped me a lot).  

The packaging is also small and portable along with being super lightweight, so very travel friendly! 

If this product is stocked in HIKOCO I actually would recommend you to buy this product if you have acne regardless of how bad your acne is. When you use this product, patience is key. For people that have cystic acne it might not get rid of it completely and stop the pain while it is "growing" however after the pimple has surfaced, this product will definitely help. People that just want a spot treatment for just small bumps here and there, this product (during this experience) does wonders and is amazing. HIKOCO should definitely stock this product.

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