#YAYNAY TESTER TEAM: By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel 🌝 - Mid 20s

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Jillian // Combination & Acne Skin // Mid 20s

Every girl’s dream is to have clear, problem free skin. We all want that natural glow, and as for me, I just wanted to look and feel confident especially on days I don’t feel like wearing makeup. I just want a healthy glowing skin.

I was one of the chosen girls who get to put this product to test. As I have been struggling with acne and breakouts for the longest time, I’m always up to try new stuff that might work for my acne prone, sensitive combination skin. With New Zealand’s crazy weather, my Asian skin is not really cooperating, there are days I get too oily, there are also days I have extra dry skin. This caused me more breakouts, cystic acne, and tiny bumps on my face. I am thankful for HIKOCO for sending me the By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel to try out with my type of skin.

So the product is in a yellow easy-squeeze tube and it contains 30g 1.05oz

Product description: This gel is formulated with 3% Sulfur. Contains Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates the skin and Sulfur which energizes tired skin to be healthy.

Directions: For sport area, please apply on spots by using cotton swabs at the last step of skin care. For the entire face, spread thinly at the last step of skin care.

Key ingredients: Sulfur (3%), Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol

^This was the status of my skin before I started using the product. Breakouts + blemishes + tiny bumps

^ 2 weeks later, most of my breakouts have dried out, these are mostly blemishes. Tiny bumps have also disappeared. I have just been getting tiny breakouts because of period hormones. Haha!

I have been using the By Wishtrend Sulfur Gel with the Benton Aloe Soothing Gel which I think helps calm my skin down and to make it a little more hydrated.

I applied the gel mostly on the breakout spots only for 2-3 times daily on top of the aloe vera soothing gel, and spread this all over my face + spots at night time.

I continued to use the product every day. I haven’t been getting cystic acne for a while since I used it, just a few tiny pimples. The change of weather might also be causing my skin problems lately, it’s getting really cold that it tends to dry out. But I think my skin has improved from breaking out using this gel, it has helped me control my acne.

^ The photo might not be able to show much but this gel has helped my skin!

To be honest, I didn’t realize that my skin has improved so much since I started using the product until I compared the photos. All this time, I only see the blemishes left but thanks to this review, my skin is healing.

Final thoughts 

Packaging: I would say this is a very handy product since it comes in an easy-squeeze tube that you can just put in your bag. You can bring it anywhere so you can re-apply it in certain times of the day.

Product quantity: I’m surprised how much this product has! A little goes a long way. I’ve been using this multiple times every day and I’m still almost half way through the product after a month of using it.

Effectiveness: Based on my personal experience, this is an effective product to calm your active pimples. Might take 1-2 days to calm the spot but the product does what it claims to do, relieves and smoothens! It didn’t say that it would help much with blemishes so we’ll have to find a different product for that. This product worked on my type of skin.

Value for money: For $36 NZD, I think the price is okay as it does the job, and it contains enough product that would last for months. I would repurchase this product.

Yay or Nay?

This is definitely a YAY for me. I would recommend this product to everyone having acne problems - very mild and hydrating that helps fight your nasty breakouts! This is totally worth it! I will continue to use this product.

Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity, HIKOCO! ♥

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