#YAYNAY Tester Team: Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water 💦

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Jasmine // Dry Sensitive Skin // Early 30s

Packaging: 4/5

Looks eco-friendly and vegan. clean and simple like the branding of Dear Klairs. Not the prettiest bottle but toners aren't generally pretty looking! I personally think if the packing is pretty, you're paying for the packaging not the actual efficiency of the product. ie. glass bottle toners are more likely to be expensive than plastic bottles. Packaging never bothers me for skincare. It does bother me for makeup products ie. lipstick and touch up powers as it's what I carry around in my bag and purse but never the packaging of skincare products! I personally didn't mind about how big the bottle was. I didn't spill any toners whilst applying my toner via cotton pads as I would put the cotton pad on the top then tip the bottle upside down to avoid wastage.

Efficiency of product: 4/5

I have never prioritised using toners in my skincare. For my morning routine, I would usually put on my lotion then my rosehip oil before I apply my makeup and for my nighttime routine, I would apply multiple serums directly onto my skin after washing my face (as seen on the video attachment) then apply a cream. During my Yay/Nay testing period, for consistency, I had used the toner day and night along with my usual skincare products and I have definitely noticed a difference in hydration level in my skin.

In the mornings, I try to brush my teeth first then wash my face so that I can apply my lotion straight away. However there are some days when I wash my face first then brush my teeth. During this 5-10 min routine, my skin would feel dry and tight. Since using the toner, my skin hasn't been extremely dry and I was pleasantly surprised at how hydrating the toner is despite the fact it is not sticky. I usually wouldn't associate watery liquid to do so well in hydrating my skin but this product actually delivered what was promised. Some toners or creams with a lot of oil clog up my pores around my nose and forehead and I get lumpy pores when they get congested (sometimes they disappear or sometimes they turn into pimples). This toner didn't do any of the above and worked well in hydrating my skin without irritating my t-zone.

^ After 21 Days of Use

A big selling factor in today's society would also be the vegan & cruelty promise Dear Klairs promises in the toner. I know many of my friends are focused on the above and they have stopped using big brands like YSL and MAC and have moved onto The Ordinary and Glossier. This toner delivers the results and also is friendly to today's society at a price of $40NZD. It's also still almost new. This product would probably last around 4-5months and costs almost nothing compared to other brands of less volume (less that 500ml).



I don't believe my before and after photos do much in justifying my review, but it's more of how you FEEL once applied - delivering hydration without oily or a sticky residue and the amazing feeling of not having someone feeling like they're pulling your skin!


If this toner is stocked at HIKOCO, I would personally buy some as an investment product and I would love to recommend the product to anyone who has combination skin as well as Anti-aging concerns as hydration is KEY when it comes to anti-aging and wrinkles!

Hopefully my review above can help in deciding whether you guys will stock the Dear Klairs, Daily Skin Hydrating Water at HIKOCO. I personally WOULD buy the product if it was stocked in stores/online. 👍🏻

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  • Agustina Paez

    Is this product gonna be in stock again? Plz say yes

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