#AucklandEats: A Coffee Shop Full of Korea's Trendiest Foods

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Cosmo Coffee | 22 Kitchener Street, Auckland CBD 

A new coffee shop, Cosmo Coffee has newly opened in the heart of Auckland CBD with a K-trendy take on their menu items. The menu features a variety of sandwiches from countries around the world that Cosmo Coffee has taken inspiration from. One of the things that a lot of us have taken interest in is their ‘Scramble Drop’ sandwiches, the croffles, and cruffins. The ‘Scramble Drop’ sandwich intrigued me as this has gone viral in Korea for it being surprisingly delicious even though it seems so simple. It’s gone viral after Korea’s sandwich chain ‘Egg Drop’ became famous for switching up a classic breakfast sandwich. 

Cosmo Coffee came up with their version of this sandwich and it was surprisingly delicious. Not only was the sandwich smothered in garlic butter but so was the egg. The egg was scrambled perfectly and seemed to be also cooked in garlic butter for extra flavor. Like the ‘Egg Drop’ toast, there was a bit of freshness from the lettuce to cut down the heavy garlic flavor which I think was a must for a sandwich like this. It makes what seems to be a basic sandwich some texture and also so delicious! Definitely, a must-try if you are wanting a quick bite to eat! 

Another trendy item in Korea are croissants. But not just croissants, Korea has been changing it up to something even more delicious. If you haven’t heard already, croffles (croissant + waffle) and cruffins (croissant + muffin) have been another trendy food in Korea that seems to be more delicious than the classic French croissant. Cosmo Coffee has taken inspiration and put these on the menu with various flavours. If you would like to try it out to satisfy your sweet tooth these will definitely do the trick! 

I got the Strawberry Cruffin and Chocolate Croffle to share and they were perfect for a dessert. The strawberry cheese cream mousse was delicious with fresh strawberry bits and was much needed to add something interesting to the cruffin. The cruffin was flaky and soft with a crispy top while adding a butteriness from the croissant. The chocolate croffle was well-balanced by the dark chocolate mousse on the side. I personally prefer croffles as it has a much better texture than your typical waffle. Croffles also have a slightly more nutty flavour and are more decadent due to the butteriness that balances out with the bitterness of the chocolate. Though these items were tasty, I think there are other spots that have aced the cruffin and croffle trend better. Even though these were too sweet for my liking, my friend loved both items!

If you want to try some of Korea’s hottest food items, Cosmo Coffee may be one you want to try out. Out of all, I would highly recommend their ‘Scramble Drop’ sandwich, definitely something I would grab for lunch again. Cosmo Coffee is the place for a meal or something to fill your sweet tooth craving during the day walking in the busy CBD streets. Their K-desserts paired with a cup of coffee makes it an ideal spot for a quick pick me up!

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  • Irene

    Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely try them out the next time I can visit Auckland ♥

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