#AucklandDIY: Unleash Your Creativity with Auckland's Newest DIYs

by Michelle Li

The HIKOCO team has sure been kept entertained on the weekends, unleashing all our creativity. We can’t be keeping these secret locations to ourselves for our Beauties so of course, I am here to spill. Starting off with a few DIY places that have opened up around Auckland central which makes up for a fun weekend! Even though these DIYs have been super trendy in Korea for awhile now, it’s only recently that Auckland has introduced them. But nothing is too late right? Whether you choose to go alone, with a group of friends or even as a cute romantic date, here are the places to go to express your creative side 🥰

Tufting Lab | G2/160 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland 1010


I’ve actually noticed a few tufting places but recently some of the HIKOCO HQ team went to Tufting Lab, located in Grafton. Not too far from the University of Auckland, it could be the perfect place to de-stress after a long day of studying. Though, depending on the size of your canvas, it can take more than a few hours to complete. Originally, tufting was created to design carpets and then used to create warm items of clothing. But in Korea it’s been trending as a way to create your own art for a fun DIY!


Using a tufting gun, it is threaded with various colours of wool to press into the canvas. Tufting Lab has endless colours to choose from, so you could really go crazy with whatever art piece you choose to create. The place is decorated with vibrant colours and other tufting canvas pinned to the wall which gives you all the inspiration you need to let loose. The staff there kindly guide you through the entire process and will answer any of the questions you have so you know that you are creating the best of the best! Check out their Instagram here for more details or book here

DECORit Studio | 448 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024


If you are looking for something a little less extreme and want more downtime, maybe designing your own phone case is up your alley? Located on Dominion Road, DECORit Studio lets you decorate all your tech accessories down to even your own hair clips. I spotted their Tik Tok account while I was scrolling through and was very much intrigued. And it’s even better than it’s located near Auckland Central, making it so easy to just book and go. They only recently opened in late September, but their DIY experience has definitely been popular.


Their whole decorating concept is using “Decoden,” which represents the texture of whipped cream on a cake. It has a sticky texture, for you to decorate by using charms. DECORit Studio has brought Decoden to Auckland, giving you plenty of options to accessorise with their HUGE selection of charms. All their accessories are organised in colours, so you can make sure that whatever you are designing looks cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. There are even popular anime characters to choose from too! 


For tech accessories, you start with a clear case and choose whatever colour Decoden you like. Once you have made it you can start “frosting” it on the case to stick the accessories on. After completing your design, it goes into an oven to “bake” which solidifies the decoden to make sure the accessories stay on. Check out their Tiktok here to see it in action or book here!

With a few DIY places to go, it sure gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week. Plus it’s a fun way to personalise however you please! It may have been raining lately, so instead of a picnic, these indoor activities will be just as fun.

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