Korea's Hangover Cures are Something Else!

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It’s a known fact that the drinking culture is huge in Korea so much so that there are drinks specifically for curing those rough hangovers we wake up to the next morning. If you are in the same boat after a night out, maybe these hangover cures all the way from Korea may help you out!



A newer innovation, Sukhee Haesoo is exactly what you need to bring for a night out! They’ve got four fruity flavours that are just too delicious AND are supposed to be mixed with soju 🍋🍇🍎🍊 It has a ring on the bottom that you pull out and attach to the soju bottle. Twist and the Sukhee drink will be released into the soju bottle. A tasty mixed cocktail drink in seconds! Plus it’s got ingredients to breakdown aldehyde, what’s causing your hangovers in the first place. FromK’s got exclusivity to these drinks so check it out here!

Korean Pear Juice


A known fact in Korea, the Haitai Pear Juice can actually help with hangovers. Maybe that’s why it’s always on the drink menu at Korean restaurants? 🤔 Apparently, pear has many anti-inflammatory properties and decreases the metabolism of alcohol so next time you go out, order this from the menu to relieve yourself from that morning hangover!

Chocolate Milk


This might be a weird hangover cure, but chocolate milk is another go-to in Korea to help sober up 🍫 I guess it makes sense as chocolate is said to help to slow down absorption of alcohol. Milk also balances out stomach acid to reduce any hangover symptoms! Just make sure to drink this before you down all the shots 🍻

Hangover Soup


Korean stews are a must but the most hearty ones are what Koreans call “hangover soups” or haejang-guk (해장국) in Korean. It literally means “soup to chase a hangover”! The ingredients in any hangover soup are packed with nutrients to replenish your energy after drinking. If you are feeling particularly fatigues, make sure to choose a spicy option to get you instantly out of that state. I would say that haejang-guks are one of Korea’s most ‘soul food’ meals 🥘

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  • Michelle

    Chocolate milk is definitely my go to! Tastes great and good good for settling the stomach!

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