Reset, Refresh, 2023 is All About Mindful Self-Care

by Michelle Li

With the New Year approaching, comes thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. I know I’m not the only one who completely gives up on my New Year Resolutions by the end of January. For the MZ Generation (Millennials and Generation Z) in Korea, such “resolutions” are no longer just caring about your body but have developed into something more…caring for your mind. Beyond career, wealth, there are health and self-care that are the most important. Let’s take at the trends that Korea’ MZ Generation do so our New Year resolutions WILL last until the end of January and even continue past 2023. 

Miracle Morning 

Instagram | @taeyeon_ss

“Miracle Morning” is just waking up earlier in the morning to start the day. After COVID-19 hit, long travel times and after-work dinners took a halt. This gave Korea’s MZ Generation more time in the day to do exactly what they wanted to do. Going straight to work or school soon after you wake up may leave you feeling like you don’t have time for yourself. So how about waking up even an hour early? You’ll be surprised how much you actually get done! This whole concept even led to the “Miracle Morning Challenge” where people would vlog them waking up super early and following up with their self-development tasks like reading and exercising.

Small Achievements

It’s the small achievements that count! And it’s as simple as drinking a glass of water after waking up in the morning, making your bed, and eating breakfast. What seem like easy to complete tasks are some that we simply don’t do. It may seem so trivial but the MZ generation even record their activities, using apps like Todo Mate, and then add their friends to motivate themselves and each other. Though these may seem like such miniscule achievements, the act of ticking them off your to-do list is a sense of accomplishment every day. 

Seeking Mindfulness

NAVER | @hyo_vly

But even with these small achievements, how about doing nothing? The act of spacing out or “멍” (meong)  is actually that - doing nothing! Known as “hitting meong,” trending hashtags like #불멍 and #물멍 have come about too. People would space out with fire (불멍) by staring at campfire or space out with water (물멍) by going to the beach or Han River. It seems a little odd but the idea is just that simple. It’s become part of their everyday lives that people even bought bath bombs to see it dissolve slowly, sandart for the calming movement, and even colour-changing lights. These are all to relieve stress by helping not just the body but the mind to relax. This has become such a trend amongst MZ generations that even brands in Korea are starting to get in on it. There are cafes like Green Lab to space out and even, bedding company Simmons used the spacing out concept for their 2022 campaign, their “Oddly Satisfying” video. Give it a watch before you go to bed and see if you feel completely at ease 😴


With the new year, how about your New Year’s resolution be to take care of your mental health? Korea’s MZ Generation are focusing more on this, giving them more freedom and truly experiencing a work-life balance. Wake up early, complete non stressful tasks that make you feel better. And sometimes all you need is a detox just by being “멍,” blanking out. Let’s make 2023 the year of self-care! 

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