K-Pop Idols Prove these are Korea’s Trendy Aesthetics

by Michelle Li

Prom Queen 

Cube Entertainment

Think teen-com Mean Girls’s Regina and the Plastic’s! (G)I-DLE pulled off the Prom Queen aesthetic particularly well with their latest comeback Queencard (their MV actually seemed to be inspired by the classic movie). This aesthetic is decorated with A LOT of pink, diamonds and velvet. As far as fashion goes, it’s low-waisted mini skirts, velvet sweats and faux fur jackets. Definitely check out Queencard live performances for more outfit inspo plus (G)I-DLE’s amazing stage presence. Paired with their sassy facial expressions, it makes them more the prom queens that they already are!

90’s Highteen

SM Entertainment

Aespa recently came back with a new album, but what has garnered attention other than their title track is the ‘Thirsty’ music video, inspired by American TV Show, Friends, another classic. 90’s Highteen is all about nostalgia! In the MV, the scenes are captured through 90’s television. It shows scenes of old NYC burger joints and what I’m sure a lot of our childhood was filled with, sleepover nights. Plaid prints, varsity jackets and bootcut denim jeans are a must for 90’s Highteen fashion.  

Wes Anderson

SM Entertainment

I’ve seen many people on Tik Tok uploading vlogs filming and editing in Wes Anderson’s signature style. If you want a reference to some of filmmaker, Wes Anderson’s visual styles, check out NCT Dream’s Candlelight. Gives you an idea of how Anderson uniquely does symmetry compositions, sudden transitions and wacky backgrounds. When it comes to the aesthetic, eccentric pastel colours are a must! Complete it with business casual looks that reminds me of Parisian fashion 🧑🏻‍🎨

City Pop 

JYP Entertainment

City pop is a genre of music that actually came about in the 1970’s, known then as Japanese pop music. To help you picture this aesthetic, a k-pop idol that instantly comes to mind when I think of City Pop, is Yubin. Give her songs Lady and Thank U Soooo Much a listen to discover this genre’s disco and funk vibes. To match this more retro aesthetic, I often see pinks, purples and blue colours with skyscraper animations on Pinterest. If you really want a City Pop aesthetic fashion transformation, anything with sequins, loud prints and voluminous silhouettes will do!

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