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Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water


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When it comes to cleansing we know the best.

One-step no-wash cleansing water containing Boseong Green tea water removes makeup and waste in pores and leaves skin refreshed and moisturized.

01/ One-step cleansing of light point makeup 

Skin-Friendly water-based cleansing water gently wipes off makeup, impurities and even point makeups at once. It leaves skin clean and fresh. 

02/ Green tea from Jeju Island 

Green tea brightens the dull complexion and AHA removes dead skin cells to keep your skin glow and smooth. 

03/ Skin irritation test completed 

Although it is a one-step cleanser, it perfectly removes makeup and dirt without any irritation. 

Key Ingredients 

Green tea water (100ppm): It contains Amino Acid, Vitamin A,C,E, Tocopherol and catechin which helps to moisture skin. 

Portulaca Extract: It hydrates skin for a long time. 

Lavender Extract: It gives healthy-looking skin

Rosemary: It moisturized the skin and keep the skin barrier 

How to use

1. Soaking up the few cotton pads with cleansing water

2. Wipe down the face to remove base makeup 

3. Leave some soaked pads on the eyes and lips to meltdown point makeup for 10 seconds

4. Then gently rub it out to remove makeup 

* Don't need to rinse with water 




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