K-Recipe: Is It Possible for Eggs to Get Even Better?

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Fried eggs are the go-to breakfast ingredient for any person around the world 🍳 But on weekends when we have the time, Koreans always have a go at “Gyeran Mari” (egg-rolls). You may think this is similar to the Japanese Tamagoyaki (egg rolls), but they differ in texture and mostly in their sweetness. Japanese tend to make their egg rolls soft, purely with eggs only, and with a hint of sugar. On the other hand, Korean egg rolls are more savoury and filled with a number of ingredients. The most common would be Veggie Gyeran Mari with minced onions, carrots, and spring onion - these ingredients are added for more nutrition, texture and colour! Other alterations include Ham Gyeran Mari, Kimchi Gyeran Mari, Cheese Gyeran Mari, and the list goes on. 

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Yet, the recipe that I found to be the most interesting was Rice Gyeran Mari! This way, you can make the egg dish more filling and more DELICIOUS! For those who live alone, this is also a way to get rid of leftover rice that has gone cold 🍚 There are two ways to make this type of egg roll: to focus on the visuals and do the sushi-roll with a bulk of rice on cooked eggs, or to go real simple and add the rice in the egg mix with all the other veggies. I’ll be talking about the latter, since we all love nice and easy recipes better 😉 Here’s a link to a Youtube recipe video for those who are interested in the sushi-roll version of Rice Gyeran Mari.

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  • Eggs (3 ~ 6)
  • Vegetables of your choice (e.g. spring onion, carrot, capsicum)
  • Rice (120g)
  • Salt (1 ts)
  • Pepper (1 pinch)

1) Mince the vegetables of your choice, preferably with a mix of colours!

2) Crack and beat three eggs in a bowl, and add the minced veggies in the mix.

3) Make sure your rice is cooled and add it to the egg mix as well. 

4) Add salt and pepper, and mix well. 

6) Heat pan on medium to low heat and coat with cooking oil.

7) Spread the rice-egg mixture on the pan thinly, and once the pan-facing side is cooked, gently roll the egg towards you with a spatula. Keep adding the leftover mixture as you roll, and repeat until finished. (Tip: make sure you keep the egg-ends not completely rolled  before adding the new mixture each time to glue them together! Watch this video for better understanding)

8) You can finish here but for better visuals, crack and beat three more eggs in a separate bowl to roll an egg-only layer to the Rice Gyeran Mari! - Add the new egg mix to the pan and connect it to the ends of the ready-made Rice Gyeran Mari and repeat the rolling process.

10) Make sure all sides are cooked evenly, and leave it to cool on a chopping board.

11) Once cooled, slice up the beautiful Rice Gyeran Mari into even pieces and serve with ketchup!

Youtube Melinis Kitchen

It’s easy to say in words, but the rolling technique needs practice for perfection 🥲 If you would like to see it happening in action, click this link for the full recipe video. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be the most aesthetically pleasing side dish, or even a whole meal to fill you up! 

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