Transition to Spring? Korean 2021 S/S Fashion Items to Note 📝

by Isabel Bang

Floral Crochet Details 

The first thing that comes to mind when you say springtime? Flowers for sure! Remember how we said Granny Chic is the new fashion in TMI Vol. 033? Crochet details on fashion items are loved in all seasons, but even more so in spring 🌸 Flower crochet on vests and cardigans are the most loved, especially on the breezy open knit cardigans for warmer seasons! Since it’s still a bit chilly at night, I’d say grab yourself a flower crochet-knit vest to wear on top of long sleeves. Then make the transition to short sleeves when the sun shines brighter!

Pleated Bermuda Shorts

Those shorts that borderline shows your butt cheeks have been around for long enough. Now the trend says wear something “comfortable to wear.” The so-called Bermuda shorts became the 2021 S/S hot item with an elegant pleated touch. These shorts can be knee or thigh-length, but I reckon what really started trending this year are the knee-length Bermudas. Wearable by both genders with ease, these pants are all you need to make your casual style more dressy and fashionable. Personally, wearing these shorts with t-shirts is the look I’d go for, making that semi-casual style that will fit all occasions.

Amecazi (American Causal) Skirts

There’s a Korean-English word in the K-Fashion scene that has been used the most in 2021. “Amecazi” is short for “American Casual,” and is the look that’s been loved in Korea for so long - heaven knows if the Americans are aware of this 😂 The reason for this name is because the style was born from the mix of the 20th century American workwear + early 2000s East Asian vintage fashion. Hence why field jackets, cargo pants and leather combat boots are seen the most in Amecazi looks. But instead of jackets and boots, we’re talking about skirts for this spring! The “Amekazi skirts” are maxi length A-line cargo skirts that are both casual and vintage-chic. If y’all are interested, I’ll come back with a full article about the Amecazi looks trending RIGHT NOW in Korea 👌

Shirt Dresses 

Excuse me gents, for skewing this week’s fashion item rec for the ladies. But we have to talk about dresses when talking about spring, don’t we? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The shirt dresses have been another “comfy wear” item trending in Korea recently. Waistlines can be accentuated in a wrap style, but Koreans love a good simple & casual straight dresses for these. If you’re a petite size (shout out to team petite girls 🧚‍♀️), you can wear a cropped vest or cropped cardigan on top. Bring attention to the waistline, making your legs look longer and for extra cosiness for the chilly nights.

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