Korea's Music Fests are FINALLY BACK! 🎤

by Isabel Bang

HyunA | Kyung Hee Univ. Festival

Ever since the lifting of the two-year-long social distancing regulations in Korea, mask-free outdoor activities finally got allowed. That means celebratory comebacks of music festivals!! Every May is filled with university festivals with a number of K-pop stars’ performances. Fancam from these fests have been all over YouTube, and HyunA’s Kyung Hee University Fest performance was the top trending. No wonder HyunA’s called the queen of festivals, cause she knows how to handle the crowd in live performances! Near the end of her stage, she invited her fiancé, DAWN, on the stage and the crowd got to have the first look at his unreleased single


Jay Park | Korea Univ. Ipsenlenti Fest

There ain't no party like AOMG indeed. What’s a fest without JAY PARK!? Korea University’s Ipselenti Fest is an annual excitement for all, always with the best lineup of celebrities performing. There are SO many fancams of Jay’s performance on this day, it took me a good while trying to choose just one. I tell you, once you click on this vid you’d be surprised how an hour can go so fast 😂 The moment MOMMAE plays, the crowd goes wild and that energy is what we’ve been truly longing for the past two years! Plus, we get a peak of HolyBang, Jay Park’s dance crew that gained nationwide popularity from the TV show Street Women Fighter!


Aespa Winter | HanYang Univ. Festival

The idea of fancams first started from fans taking their favourite-member-focused vids from idol group performances. This fan of Aespa’s Winter really deserves a good round of applause for this high-quality fancam. The moment this video was uploaded on YouTube, views exploded and comments went crazy, saying this is Winter’s best “he-me-ko” (hair, makeup, and outfit styling) ever. I’m a strong Winter bias, and I can’t help but agree more that this HanYang University Festival performance would go down in history. 

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