Keep Your Nails to Toes K-Trendy 💅

by Isabel Bang

Doroty in Lalaland | 3/435 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024

We’ve mentioned this place last time, but we’ll do it AGAIN! Dorothy in Lalaland is where most HIKOCO staff go to get their nails done, as General Manager K high-praises led us there one by one 😂 In a cosy room, you get to have one-on-one service with the lovely technician Skye, who often discusses your designs to make them even better to suit you! I swear there is no one design that you’ll ask her to do that she can’t deliver. Simple french, line drawings, crystals, glitter & glam, you name it. I personally think that her free-hand drawings are top class, and have no idea why she doesn’t charge double what she does now. 

Hana Nail | 2 Durham Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

This one’s another Korean-fav nail salon, located in Auckland CBD. I see quite a few tags to their account whenever I browse through my IG stories, so it must be a place that’s known between Koreans! To talk on behalf of a friend who's a loyal customer at Hana Nail, there are two technicians - Hana & Minnie - who are equally friendly & talented with their art designs! Apparently, they’re knowledgeable about what designs are trending in Korea and are great at unique and kitschy designs with popping colours. They also have five options of “Event Art” every month, which you can get at a slightly discounted price. These designs can be found on their story highlights so check their IG!

Urban Beauty | Floor 5/10 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Urban Beauty sits in the High Street of CBD, and I must say, they got me from their cleanliness ✨ They have senior and junior technicians but the quality of nails they all deliver is just 👌 Nonetheless Jamie, the owner, is obviously who everyone wants to book with first! They also have Monthly Special designs, five each for senior and junior technicians - those with membership can get these at an even lower price! But if you ask me, the best part of Urban Beauty is Jamie’s two dogs who’ll never bore you out 😍

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