The Korean Way to Compliment your Beauty!

by Michelle Li

There are quite a few beauty standards that exist only in Korea and you may even get compared to an animal. The cute features of a particular animal are captured and compared s o don’t be offended when Koreans come up to you and refer to your face looking like a particular animal. Take it as a compliment! So here are some of the most commonly praised animal faces. Can you see the resemblance on these K-celebrities?


Starting off, I’m sure you are familiar with the term ‘puppy eyes.’ Well, when Koreans say your face looks like a puppy, they are most likely referring to your slightly downturned, doe eyes, just like a puppy. If you have a puppy face, you probably have a small and round face too 🐶 Having a small face will definitely make your soft and delicate features stand out, especially the eyes, giving you more of a cute and innocent charm.

Some of the most famous puppy K-celebrities are IU, Park Bo Young and NCT’s Jungwoo. These K-celebrities are not only known for their puppy face but also their puppy-like personality. Their hyperness and fun personality certainly adds charm along with their talents. The duality is 🔥!


On the opposite side of the spectrum, the feline cat has much fiercer features! Small yet sharp nose, usually with a higher nose bridge that’s matched with big and sharp eyes. And of course, eyes that are slightly upturned. Eyes are the most notable feature for those with a cat face and these eyes will sure draw you in. Oftentimes, people with cat features have an exotic charm added 🐱

We all know Blackpink’s Jennie has the iconic cat face with her alluring eyes that always are accentuated with the prettiest makeup looks. But we can’t forget about New Jeans’ Haerin and actress/model Jung Ho Yeon. All of them may seem intimidating but this is just because of their chic appearance. We all know how cute these k-pop idols are! 


I feel like the fox face came about more recently. At first glance, the features may seem like a cat but a fox's face has more defined cheekbones 🦊 Fox faces’ features are also much sharper than a cat's. The eyes are sharper than a cat’s so instead of them turning upward, it's purely almond-shaped. Monolids are also very common in those with fox faces which pairs well with their clean cut distinct nose and lips. Sure adds an alluring charm if I say so myself!

I don’t know why but those that have fox faces seem to be the iconic dancers of their K-pop group like Itzy’s Yeji, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Ateez’s San. Maybe because of their piercing gazes and stage presence that easily captures our attention! Actor Joon Gi is another gorgeous K-celebrity with a fox face 😍 


Fuller cheeks are the most distinct feature of the bunny! This is why bunny faces are the cutest when they smile, especially showing off their front teeth. Their large eyes shine the brightest too. If you have a bunny face, you have small and soft features compared to your eyes but this just accentuates your adorableness even more 🐰 

Some of the most distinct K-celebrities with bunny faces are Twice’s Nayeon, BTS’ Jungkook and UP10TION’s Sunyoul, especially when they smile wide with their full cheeks and eyes that light up the room with their pure innocence. 


So which animal do you think represents your face the best? They also say that with distinct features it tells you your fortune too 🤔 But there’s so much more to talk about that maybe we’ll just have to cover it in another article?

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