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Nana Tour with Seventeen | 나나투어-세븐틴 (2024)

TVN | Nana Tour with Seventeen

If you’ve watched some of the most popular K-TV reality variety shows, then you would have heard of the two words ‘Na PD’. In Korea, the term ‘PD’ is often short for the word, ‘producer-director’. Na Young-seok or as most Koreans would lovingly call him, Na PD, is one of the most famous reality variety show producers in Korea, namely with these very popular shows, 2 Days & 1 Night, New Journey to the West, Earth Arcade (which we’ve talked about here) and Youn’s Kitchen


Na PD’s laid back personality that is often visible on screen and friendly chemistry with all casts is just some of the reasons why he is very much loved in Korea. He’s also the creator of the many mini games and challenges throughout each episode that he’s become known for.

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So when Na PD has all these characteristics and meets with the K-pop group that is Seventeen, it is pure chaos. Seventeen who we’ve mentioned in the ‘Top 3rd Generation K-pop Groups’ article here, may be known as ‘Performance Kings’ to many but for true fans, they are also ‘variety geniuses’. So much so that their Youtube web series, Going Seventeen is widely watched by both Carats (their fandom name) and the general public alike. 

Weverse | Seventeen

Viewers got a very little glimpse into Na PD and Seventeen’s chemistry with Game Caterers, a show that you can watch here on Na PD’s Youtube channel. Each mini game win earned them the right to write down any wish they had. But knowing Seventeen, they wrote down some pretty out-of-reach ones.

Youtube | Full Moon Show

One of the wishes was to star in Na PD’s show Youth Over Flowers. Pretty much, this show gives Na PD the right to ‘kidnap’ the cast and take them overseas. Basically, the cast has no idea they are travelling overseas until one hour beforehand. This means they’re totally unprepared, no clothes, daily essentials and sometimes this means the casts are just wearing pyjamas. Well, Seventeen actually got this wish granted (you can see how excited they were when they picked the raffle!) and that’s where both Seventeen and Carats started waiting for the time where Na Pd was going to kidnap them. They’ve been caught in public carrying HUGE bags to prepare for when Na PD does come to kidnap them  😂

Weverse | Seventeen

Turns out, it would be RIGHT after their Follow: to Japan Dome Tour and of course, Na PD and his team planned it so well that all thirteen members of Seventeen had no clue what-so-ever. Up at sunrise, some got caught singing and drinking while others were fast asleep, but all Seventeen members were all just as shocked as each other… and that’s what episode one of Nana Tour entails! 

Weverse | Seventeen

Nana Tour with Seventeen is done a little bit differently in hopes to give Seventeen the all-inclusive relaxing vacation that they deserve but that doesn’t mean cheeky Na PD won’t throw in a few challenges. Episodes are filled with competitiveness yet if you know Seventeen, they’re also full of love and are VERY close to each other. See how episode one plays out with this trailer here!

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  • Juanita Sepulveda

    I’m a (senior) Carat, I enjoy watching all their music videos. They are an amazing group of talented singers and dancers.

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