Couple Balance Games to Talk All Night About

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The so-called “Balance Games” have been trending in Korea for a while, but the couple ver. has been arousing huge (yet VERY minor 😂) debates recently. For Balance Games, you are supposed to choose the better option between two in a given situation. For these couple ver. questions, it usually includes you, your lover, and their friend of the opposite sex (assuming that the person asked is straight that is). In a scenario that relates your lover and their friend, you're supposed to choose whether or not you’ll feel a bit iffy about the given situation, or if you’re entirely fine with it. Koreans tend to be full of jealousy compared to other nationalities, so once brought up, these discussions heat up faster than you think 🤣 Have a try at these popular questions with your friends, cause it’s pretty fascinating to see how so many people think so differently! 

Heads up, these questions can seem very VERY insignificant. But everyone has different levels of jealousy right? Let’s give it a go just for fun, and remember to respect everyone's opinions!


Shrimp Peeling

Better Homes And Gardens

You, your partner, and your partner’s guy/girl-friend are having dinner together. As a share plate, you ordered a plate of steamed shrimp which came with shells to peel. Your partner takes a while trying to peel a shrimp, and after some struggle, he/she gives the FIRST peeled shrimp to their friend. Sus or no?

Too easy, and you want to spice up the discussion? What if your partner then never peels one for you at all for the whole dinner? (Many Koreans got pretty upset about this, obviously because they're very passionate and serious about food and things that happen at the dinner table 😂)

Zip-up Jackets


You, your partner, and your partner’s guy/girl-friend are walking the streets late at night. The night’s a little chilly, and during the walk, the friend says that “it’s cold.” Your partner goes up to them and zips up their jacket without hesitation. Sus or no?

Here's the next level for those people who are wondering why zipping up jackets for friends could be an issue. What if the jacket was a long one and your partner had to kneel down to reach the zip? 😬

Leftover Drinks

This time, it's not your partner's friend who enters the scenario, but YOUR friend! You, your partner, and your friend were having drinks at your place. Around 2 AM, you got pretty drunk and had to go to bed. There are still a few bottles of soju left, should your partner and your friend pack up as well, or should they stay and continue with the drinks?

This was one of the situations that I thought should be fine, but some answered that "if a partner is drunk, the other should take care of them rather than having fun drinking." This was a new view that didn't even come across my head, and after the heated discussion I got persuaded to the 'pack up' option 😅 Anyone else enjoys these 'what if' questions, and can come up with something better?


  • Isabel


    Alright, if you ask me, every single one of the given situations are VERY SUS 😂😂 Maybe I’m just a born-to-be-jealous after all

  • Cahlee

    What if situation:
    1. I’m walking with my partner and friend. She complains her feet are sore so my partner piggy backs her. Sus or no?

    2. At the movies with partner and friend. Partner sits in the middle. He bought a popcorn for you too eat, and one for him and friend to share. He claims ‘it’s so you have more popcorn to eat’. Sus or no? (First of all is it sus he’s in the middle??

    3. At restaurant or cafe with partner and friend. Boyfriend orders for friend without even asking what she wants because he already knows what she likes. But he has to ask me beforehand. Sus or no?

    4. It is a cold night. You’re outside with partner and friend. You and friend are both cold. You’re shivering but she says out loud ‘I’m cold’. Partner gives his jacket too her. Sus or no?

    (I’m not very good at these sorry💀)

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